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Maximize the Link Juice of your Infographic with the use of the Canonical HTTP Header

20 Jun 2012

Since June 2011 Google is supporting to set the rel canonical via the Canonical HTTP Header. This is great for PDF files, but nobody seems to have mentioned images? Does it even work? Link building with your infographic A popular method nowadays, post penguin, is to use an infographic to attract links. But how do [...]

SEO Fusion Acquired by Epiphany Solutions Ltd.

2 Oct 2007

SEO Fusion represented the non-Swedish part of my company. I am very happy to announce that I have just finalized a deal with the british SEM company Epiphany Solutions Ltd which will help me reach the new life I strive for as well as turning over a big part of the company to someone elses [...]

IMC 2006 and Swedish SEO meeting is over

2 Dec 2006

The international Internet Marketing Conference for 2006 was held in Stockholm, Sweden, 2 days ago. There was 4 panels (I was part of the second one) and some of the common buzzwords that pretty much sums up this conference were the following: Web Analytics Visitor Attraction Marketing Analysis Eye-tracking Click-tracking Huge visitor interactive campaigns Real-time [...]

Rank bragging

8 Oct 2006

I have some good ranks with some keywords and I want to show it to you here. It is mostly my blog that is doing well but also some other sites. I am of course working on a lot more. I am not counting double listings. Latest update: December 5, 2006 Google   KeywordRank seo [...]

Link Juice from Technorati? No!

9 Sep 2006

Technorati is a good tool to connect up with other bloggers in a true Web 2.0 spirit. WordPress pings and creates tags out of your categories automatically and they are a lot of plugins out there that makes Technorati tags out of your blog posts' content and place them at the end of the post. [...]

Some random news #1

2 Sep 2006

I don't really have time to blog so here are you get the short version all at once and in no order: You can now change colors of this site. This site got just listed in DMOZ. I won an alexa competition. My business partner who is also my father sold his house and is [...]

New Page Strength SEO Tool

15 Jul 2006

SEOmoz has just recently released a new kick ass SEO tool: Page Strength SEO Tool I really like this tool and it is far better in measuring page strength than the crappy PR. Actually PageRank has just been updated and I checked my 45 sites ... the values are more weird then ever. The start [...]

Superspammer getting billions of pages in Google

18 Jun 2006

A spammer from Romania has found a loophole in Google and is getting billions of subdomains into Google in just 3 weeks - and ranks them! Here is a site query of one of the domains. The stupid thing is that he also ranks: example 1, example 2. "TheHoff" is writing how this was done [...]

Turning down SEO clients

26 May 2006

I just explained to a Swedish client why I turned him down. He is willing to pay 7K USD to me for the SEO job to his site. I looked at the site for 5 minutes, read the KW he wants to target and explained to him why I choose not to take this job. [...]

Matt Cutts on BigDaddy, linking, crawling etc

20 May 2006

Matt Cutts just recently wrote a major post, Indexing timeline. In it he explains a great deal about the new BigDaddy infrastructure, new rules for crawling and how relevancy in regards to links now has become a lot more important. I will quote below what I personally find very interesting from his post and his [...]

The invaluable SEO Guide

20 May 2006

Rand has been updating his invaluable SEO Guide some months ago and today I printed it out from his word doc (26 pages) and read it on the bus while travelling. I must say that I am really impressed. Altough I know a great deal in the SEO business I still encountered a lot of [...]

Matt Cutts answers questions

29 Mar 2006

The latest blog post of Matt Cutts of Google is a Questions and Answer post. There he answers a lot of questions including the RK parameter and gives a lot of valuable info for an SEO: Here: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/q-a-thread-march-27-2006/ Thanks Matt. EDIT: Some more info about his post: http://www.seo-scoop.com/2006/03/30/tidbits-of-google-knowledge/ http://www.irishwonder.syndk8.co.uk/2006/03/29/matt-cutts-selected-quotes/

Some observations of Googles fresh boost

26 Mar 2006

Site A Article site that ranked extremely well starting just some days after it went online with 20-60 daily referrals from Google between 10th December 2005 to 4th February 2006 then suddenly nothing. Literally 0 Google referrals after that. 8 weeks before hitting the sandbox. Link building: Agressive and many PR 4-5 links and also [...]

Main BlackHat joined blog of main WhiteHat

23 Mar 2006

It is true, no kidding. Geoffrey, aka as G-Man, who is probably the most known BlackHat spammer there is has joined the blog of SEOMoz, administered by RandFish - one of the highest profiles in the Pro SEO industry. RandFish introducing him: http://www.seomoz.org/blogdetail.php?ID=931 His SEOMoz profile: (he has 100K spam sites) http://www.seomoz.org/profile.php?user_id=7277 His first post: [...]

Interviewed by Aaron Pratt

7 Mar 2006

Aaron Pratt is a friendly guy and runs SEO Buzzbox, a very interesting blog. On this blog he has interviewed known profiles in the SEO/SEM industry. And so far in the SEO/SEM field he has interviewed: Aaron Wall Greg Boser Jeremy Zawodny Jill Whalen Jim Boykin John Scott Lee Odden Michael Gray Mike Grehan Rand [...]

SE Algorithms - RandFish's session at SES NYC

2 Mar 2006

From the Search Engine Strategies in New York there are perhaps 50 pages blogged already by SE Roundtable, Matt Cutts and many more. From what I have read so far the most interesting is the presentation by Randfish on the Search Engine Algorithms. See this blog post from Rand. The powerpoint presentation can be seen [...]

Postal address adds trust?

2 Mar 2006

Google and the other engines are getting more and more sophisticated. It is no longer just relevans and popularity (links, PR) but the factor of trust is now a major factor. It has been speculated that by placing your postal address on your web site you add to the trust factor which seem very logical. [...]

SEO Test Finalized - How to write the URLs?

13 Feb 2006

The way I learn SEO is by observing and testing. I don't listen to all that junk on forums and articles except the very few sources that are my favorites such as randfish. In my tests I have all of the test pages with an exact amount of generated random Lorem Ipsum to not hit [...]

Lady Google

27 Jan 2006

In a forum thread of StatCounter Robin posted an answer to a person that was impatient with Google in regards to ranking. This is what he wrote: Lady Google does not provide immediate gratification. She considers that kind of thing to be undignified. She expects to be romanced for a considerable time. She'll pay attention [...]

WordPress users - sharpen your URLs with Google!

24 Jan 2006

Update: October 1, 2009 This article is from january 2006. In new versions of WordPress all the things in this article is being taken care of automatically. DO NOT USE IT ANYMORE. First of all you must enable the permalinks, but that you probably already have done. Now to the point. Did you know that [...]

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem

15 Jan 2006

This is a white hat V7ndotcom Elursrebmem SEO Contest page, managed by Jim Westergren. ##READ-MORE-LINK## Latest news in the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Contest This contest has now ended on the May 15. I came to the second place - unbelievable, but ok. Here are the results. The winner gives 50% of the prize money to charity [...]

Releasing SEO Fusion!

13 Jan 2006

I am happy to announce that I now have a SEO Site for my international clients set up with all my services and their info listed! Let me present: SEO Fusion This will start my SEO business for real and moving into english speaking clients. I found it much easier doing link building for english [...]

Google Sandbox - All Latest Data

12 Jan 2006

What is the Google "sandbox"? In my own words I would say it is an observation of an algo effect implemented by Google in March 2004 that makes new sites not rank at all for a period of many months. It is a dampening effect that was most probably created to stop spam sites from [...]

SEO Test finalized - Unnatural link growth

8 Jan 2006

Is Google detecting and penalizing unnatural link growth? Case Study Sites used for the test: NetMarketing.us WebRelatedArticles.com Release dates of the two sites: November 27, 2005 November 25, 2005 Both sites are new domains that was not before indexed by Google. Links added to the sites within the first 3 days of release: Links from [...]

New site: SEOForReal.com

4 Jan 2006

SEO For Real - all the latest SEO information for SEO Professionals automatically collected in one place. Instead of checking 5 different SEO blogs and news sites daily - you just have to visit this one. I paid a person on DP that was offering to set up these kind of sites and then I [...]

Future PageRank prediction

31 Dec 2005

There are 7 different tools and one new discovery that can be used in additional to looking at backlinks if you are interested in finding out what your future PageRank will be. I say already now that they are not accurate ... Backlink and PR prediction tool from online-utility.org Comments: This is the only PR [...]

SEO data from Google!

24 Dec 2005

Here are some valuable SEO reading with data coming from Google that or not on their official Google pages. Matt Cutts (Senior Engineer): SEO/Google section from Matt Cutts blog - regularly updated and is worth a daily reading Nick Wilsons interview and blog post: "Exclusive: Google Teaches Bloggers How To Rank" (December 13, 2005) Interview [...]

Google knows about your backlinks

18 Dec 2005

Google knows probably a lot more than you think. This is a blog post by Matt Cutts (Google Engineer): "Tell me about your backlinks" Google might not like that text links are being bought but in my opinion I see no problem with that. You pay for advertising, just like adwords. Now, I agree that [...]

New jewel from Randfish, just released

5 Dec 2005

Once again, Rand and his team impress us with a new fantastic 9 pages guide to SEO - for free. Many years of knowledge goes into such a piece. Here it is: Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization Can you afford NOT to read it? :)

Huge amount of links added to my new site

29 Nov 2005

Some days ago I released NetMarketing.us. And since 72 hours I have added the following amount of links: Two PR 7 links (both home page) Ten PR 5 links (6 sitewide and 4 home page) Ten PR 4 links (6 sitewide, 2 home page and 2 on subpages) Seven PR 3 links (4 sitewide and [...]

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