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IMC 2006 and Swedish SEO meeting is over

The international Internet Marketing Conference for 2006 was held in Stockholm, Sweden, 2 days ago.

There was 4 panels (I was part of the second one) and some of the common buzzwords that pretty much sums up this conference were the following:

It was very interesting and I will contact a few ventures for possible partnership/services. And what did I speak about?

After presenting myself I gave a very quick rundown on the following:

Then I spoke further about different methods of Link Building:

With zero hours of sleep and no time to practice the speech I think I did it quite well. The audience looked interested and I got quite some questions which was good. But I have to admit, I prefer writing articles than giving speeches and 10-15 minutes it not very much :).

After the conference at around 18:00 we had our Swedish SEO meeting with SEO professionals across all Sweden.

First we went to a restuarant and then on a bar until very very late, hehe.

The next day after I finally got some sleep we had our more official Swedish SEO meeting.

It was very nice to meet online SEOs that you "know" online but never seen in person. I'd like to thank the following Swedish participants for making it a very nice and beneficial experience:

Special thanks to Per Gustavsson for arranging the conference place and food for the Swedish meeting.

Then I would like to thank:

Sorry for forgetting a few of you ...

I am already looking forward for the next Swedish SEO meeting, let's get even more people there! (Nikke, Anton, Urban, Hjalmar and Hans - this time you also must come :) )

2 Dec 2006

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