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Switching from Windows PC to Mac and why I switched back

I am a SEO and web developer that has been using Windows since more than two decades. In may 2021 the fan of my current lap top started to make a lot of noise and I bought a MacBook Pro M1 which was highly recommended to me by coworkers - I was told that I will thank myself in the future for making the switch to mac. So I pulled the trigger.

Here follows a summary of my experience.

Positives with the M1 Mac

Minor things

Negatives with the M1 Mac

What went smooth


One week of pain

So I spent a week on the mac … my productivity level was cut in half during that period. Then I had enough, took a decision and went back to the PC. I was so happy.

What I learned about the fan in windows

It is possible to safely almost turn off the fan in windows. If you use a high end computer for office work (not gaming) and are annoyed by the fan you should probably do this. Go to power settings -> Additional power settings -> Change plan settings -> Change advanced power settings -> Processor power management -> System cooling = Passive. This will make windows slow down the cpu if needed instead of turning on the fan. I have that enabled together with 50% maximum processor state (because my fan is broken and noisy) and it works excellent for me with only a minor difference in speed.

What's the big deal about active sync of files to servers?

I work in 5 different code bases more or less in the same time. I don't normally use localhost but have ways how I test code either in dev environment or other methods. So when I save in sublime I see the results directly online. At least 2 of the code bases does not support localhost at all.

For me a computer is a tool to get things done, the faster the better. Changing how I work to suit the computer does not make any sense at all. Mac does not have a good program for active sync such as WinSCP.

Why did I buy a mac with only 8 GB ram and such a small screen?

I was told that mac uses ram in a much better way and I thought that I could connect 2 monitors. I was told to buy the one with the M1 chip. I bought the most powerful one with M1 that was available in the store (Spain).


I am back with my windows lap top. I will buy a new soon, and it will be a windows computer.

6 Jun 2021

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