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Huge amount of links added to my new site

Some days ago I released NetMarketing.us.

And since 72 hours I have added the following amount of links:

  1. Two PR 7 links (both home page)
  2. Ten PR 5 links (6 sitewide and 4 home page)
  3. Ten PR 4 links (6 sitewide, 2 home page and 2 on subpages)
  4. Seven PR 3 links (4 sitewide and 3 on subpages)
  5. One PR 2 link (home page)
  6. Four PR 0 links (subpages)
  7. One PR N/A link (subpage)
  8. Four people has added to their signature while posting on PR 3 threads.

That is links on total 35 different web sites.

NetMarketing.us contains 3,094 subpages with 2,972 different articles about online marketing and SEO is already done on all the pages.

It is actually exciting what will happen.

Will the site and all the subpages rank very well in the search engines and bring thousands of visitors and double my adsense earnings, will nothing in particular happen or will I get penalized/banned for too many links in too short time?

Update October 18th, 2006 as requested from sagbee:

Now we have more than 10 months later. What has happened?

First read this post: https://www.jimwestergren.com/seo-test-finalized-unnatural-link-growth/

So almost all links to this site was removed in May.

Some stats:

In other words the site was a total failure.

What did we learn:

  1. Don't get too many links too fast.
  2. Don't use duplicate content.

29 Nov 2005

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