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Turning down SEO clients

I just explained to a Swedish client why I turned him down.

He is willing to pay 7K USD to me for the SEO job to his site.

I looked at the site for 5 minutes, read the KW he wants to target and explained to him why I choose not to take this job.

His site: English car rental affiliate site. Template looking, text in images and no content. The only sub page is an "about us" page. Site made a few weeks ago. The KW he wants to target: car rental.

Let me once again quote Rand:

Why Should a Search Engine Rank Your Site Above All the Others in its Field?

If you cannot answer this question clearly and precisely, the task of ranking higher will be exponentially more difficult. Search engines attempt to rank the very best sites with the most relevant content first in their results, and until your site's content is the best in its field, you will always struggle against the engines rather than bringing them to your doorstep.

I explained to him that I don't take any jobs in which I am not certain that the client will be satisified with the results that I can create.

I wrote some very nice tips to him for free, such as limit your site to a narrow field in this niche (certain cities??) and create a good resource on it and target those KWs.

He is very welcome to come back once he has that achieved and I will help him with the SEO aspect.

BTW, this is the second time a turn down a car rental affiliate site ...

26 May 2006

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