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Rank bragging

I have some good ranks with some keywords and I want to show it to you here. It is mostly my blog that is doing well but also some other sites. I am of course working on a lot more. I am not counting double listings.

Latest update: December 5, 2006


seo blog5
seo guide8 (was 2)
seo faq1
link bait1
link baiting1
link juice1
quality link building1
smart link building1
permanent link building5
link building guide1
predict future pagerank2
future pagerank prediction3
What is freedom?1
What is Trust?5
become a genius1
vbulletin reputation2
live pr3
internal pagerank1
live pagerank2
google rk1
V7ndotcom Elursrebmem1
yahoo algo1
wordpress ping2
moral stories2
submit articles6 (was 2)
submit articles4


short storiesPenalty? (was 6)
written short storiesPenalty? (was 1)
add url free1
SEO Consultants8 (was 6)
SEO Consultant5 (was 4)
what is trust4 (was 1)
what is time6 (was 1)
what is freedom4 (was 2)
become a genius1
how to become an intelligent person2
SEO Guide1


short stories5 (was 3)
simple seo4 (was 1)
play zelda (and many more games)1
historical fiction1

Google.se for Swedish KWs

webbdesign (Web Design)2
seo konsult (SEO Consultant)1
seo forum1
noveller (short stories)4
grafikkort (graphic cards)8 (was 5)
liv i universum (life in the universe)2
kontakta mig (contact me)1

Live Swedish for Swedish KWs


See you in the SERPs!

8 Oct 2006

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