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Superspammer getting billions of pages in Google

A spammer from Romania has found a loophole in Google and is getting billions of subdomains into Google in just 3 weeks - and ranks them!

Here is a site query of one of the domains.

The stupid thing is that he also ranks: example 1, example 2.

"TheHoff" is writing how this was done on his blog here.

Adam Lasnik from Google writes on digg:

Hey there,

I'm on the Search Quality Team at Google. We're aware of the situation that's been discussed here.

In particular, I wanted to note a couple of things: 1) Our engineers recently noticed that our site: queries (number of results listed for a search) were showing bizarre results. This has turned out to be tied to a bad data push, and we're fixing this right now. 2) I am *NOT* on the AdSense team, but I'd hope common sense would suggest to fellow Digg'ers that a click on an AdSense ad does not necessarily result in a charge to an advertiser and a credit to a publisher.

This is now being handled by a hand job but I really wonder how stable BigDaddy is? A huge amount of sites has gotten their internal pages deindexed and these kind of sites ...

More links:

UPDATE: Google has now deleted his sites. I hope they correct the algo as well.

18 Jun 2006

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