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Lady Google

In a forum thread of StatCounter Robin posted an answer to a person that was impatient with Google in regards to ranking.

This is what he wrote:

Lady Google does not provide immediate gratification. She considers that kind of thing to be undignified. She expects to be romanced for a considerable time.

She'll pay attention to you only if she's introduced by a circle of friends (aka incoming links). Once she agrees to a date, she expects scintillating conversation (aka plenty of readable text on the page). Even then, she will seem to ignore you for months on end (aka the PR 0 "sandbox") until she's convinced that you are really, really serious about the relationship.

She also claims to want to be called (aka Google sitemaps), although she doesn't promise that she'll actually respond to the call.

So, yes, give her time. Don't give up. Once she does respond, she can be a very satisfying partner.

This is so funny and most of it is correct as well :)

27 Jan 2006

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