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SEO Fusion Acquired by Epiphany Solutions Ltd.

SEO Fusion represented the non-Swedish part of my company. I am very happy to announce that I have just finalized a deal with the british SEM company Epiphany Solutions Ltd which will help me reach the new life I strive for as well as turning over a big part of the company to someone elses hands to take good care of.

This deal includes the very popular directory list AddURL.nu with it's service, the Smart Link Building service, my three directories (AddURL-Free.com, AXEQ.com and DirectoryDelta.com) as well as 34 other web sites used for marketing purposes to clients. All recent service enquiries from the last few months that was sent to me and that was put on hold as well as those coming in the near future will now be redirected to Epiphany Solutions who will be able to take care of these.

All valid existing agreements with SEO Fusion and it's former clients will be honoured until their agreements expire, at which point Epiphany should be approached regarding renewal.

The final figure landed on $157,700 USD. More than half of this will be invested during 2008 in VRE (Virtual Real Estate) that I know will increase in value, requires no or close to zero work to maintain and has a regular passive income. To read more what happened to me this summer that lead to this decision, read the section about that in my previous post here.

I know that the deal between me and Epiphany Solutions represents a huge win-win for both parties and I wish them good luck!

If you require any further information feel free to email their Managing Director, Shane Quigley on [email protected] or call them on 0044 870 199 6382.

2 Oct 2007

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