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Some observations of Googles fresh boost

Site A

Article site that ranked extremely well starting just some days after it went online with 20-60 daily referrals from Google between 10th December 2005 to 4th February 2006 then suddenly nothing. Literally 0 Google referrals after that. 8 weeks before hitting the sandbox.

Link building: Agressive and many PR 4-5 links and also sitewides when the site was created and after no more links. Very unnatural in other words.

Site B

Ranked well in Google between 24th November 2005 to 21st March 2006 and after that cannot be found. That is 16 weeks.

Link building: Few sitewide PR 4-5 from directories and a few more links in the early stages of the site. Not so unnatural like site A.


I have now a number of sites in the fresh boost and it will be interesting to observe more about this to see how long before they hit the sandbox and try to find a common denominator. One site is ranking well in Google and is in the fresh boost with only one single backlink from a PR5 subpage. Google gave that site a PR4 and has listed 38K of it's internal pages.

26 Mar 2006

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