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Releasing SEO Fusion!

I am happy to announce that I now have a SEO Site for my international clients set up with all my services and their info listed!

Let me present:

SEO Fusion

This will start my SEO business for real and moving into english speaking clients. I found it much easier doing link building for english sites with for example my directory submission service at AddURL.nu, also my partners have a hard time to work with Swedish sites, hehe.

This site will have the role of SEO Services while SEO Planet will have the role of SEO Resources and all my other SEO related sites will fall under these two. In the end my network of SEO sites will offer anything anyone ever needs in terms of SEO. This is what I call going niche! Selling ArcadeShack.com made it possible for me to invest in this site and I think it was the best business deal I have ever done.

I just finished all the writing of the new pages of the site and done some other tweaking, I just love the design.

Some quick facts:

Strong PR 5, DMOZ listed, all backlinks permanent/natural, unique text, ranks #6 on SEO on MSN and #13 on SEO Company on Yahoo, getting daily traffic and is just the nicest site I have seen!

In order to prepare for the delivery I have doubled my number of business partners and also done some thorough study of the latest SEO data discussed by Pros in the field.

SEO clients - here I come!

13 Jan 2006

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