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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

Jim Westergren

I am Jim Westergren and I am a successful internet entrepreneur.
I live in Marbella, Spain with my wonderful wife and 3 children.

For more about me, see my about page.

My current projects:

N.nu is a website builder with more than 20 000 active websites. One of the leading in Sweden since 2009.
Domainstats has valuable information and metrics for many millions of domains. List of SEO tools with billions of links in our database. My own Domainscore metric, web crawler, API etc.
Advinsula is a free browser based MMO Role Playing Game. Immersive and simple that anyone can play in their mobile phone, 15 minutes per day.
CLESTO is a jungle chess game I created that I like more than chess.
Redistats is a web analytics tool that is simple to use and highly scalable. Not using cookies and high privacy.
The Space War is a strategic 2 player card game. All cards included, play online for free or offline.
Our charity in Bolivia. Helping poor families on the ground without middle hands. 100% of funds goes to the poor.
Biggest SEO guide in Sweden.

My latest articles:

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What a SEO Professional should know

28 Oct 2006

To be a good SEO you need to know a lot of things and to be a professional SEO you need to know them well. I sometimes see people calling themselves "SEO Experts" looking to make a quick buck ... Let's just list the things I consider that a good SEO must know: HTML As [...]

Tutorial: Automatic Site Map for WordPress

22 Oct 2006

To improve the navigation of your users as well as search engine traffic and ranking to your WordPress blog I suggest making a good site map of your posts - a map of your site. A kind of user friendly archive of your posts. This is not "Google sitemap"! The benefits: The user can quickly [...]

Information as a Global Power Tool

16 Oct 2006

Forewords: I am not a politician. These are some thoughts from my head and they could be all wrong. GOD controls the world, right? GOD stands for Gold (money), Oil and Drugs and the more of these you have the more power you have. And what can you use to control masses of people? Twisted [...]

Latest SEO News

15 Oct 2006

The latest news in the world of SEO (this is written on October 15th 2006): Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. Negative response by Randfish, positive response from Shoemoney. TLA released a Blog Juice Calculator Yahoo had a new algo update. Andy Hagans goes even more busy and releases ReviewMe a very smart [...]

Rank bragging

8 Oct 2006

I have some good ranks with some keywords and I want to show it to you here. It is mostly my blog that is doing well but also some other sites. I am of course working on a lot more. I am not counting double listings. Latest update: December 5, 2006 Google   KeywordRank seo [...]

My friend and his dog

8 Oct 2006

I just need to show you this hilarious picture: It is my friend Peter Gröhn who lives in Malmö and his dog Flisan. The photo was taken last summer. You can write some funny, nice comment here for him. I will soon send an e-mail to him with a link to this post :) . He was embarrasing me last summer and now this is the revenge, hehe.

Important Major Business Decision

2 Oct 2006

Swedish translation My company has expanded far more than expected. Today I have partnership with over 10 companies and individuals around the world and additionally my father, brother and sister are working with administrative duties. It has come to a critical point in which I impossible can deliver from the demand of service that I [...]

Backlink Generator

1 Oct 2006

I was drafting on a new article but I missed a word to describe something specific. Let me coin the term "Backlink Generator". EDIT: Article now written here. With "Backlink Generator" I mean a "machine" that generates backlinks passively. It is a tool, script or something else which makes people link to it without any [...]

Historical Fiction Forum

27 Sep 2006

I have bought a new site and been working on it for a few days. Historical Fiction .org It has an active forum with almost 40 000 posts and a large number of book reviews written and submitted by it's forum members. The site is almost 1 year old and my plan is to make [...]

Release of my new Link Building Service!

20 Sep 2006

Finally after a lot of work my new link building service is ready and is here released. This new service is totally unique for the SEO industry (challenge me if I am wrong) and is developed based on my recent article: Link Building Guide. This new service provides links that: Are one-way to your site. [...]

Andy Hagans now offers a Link Baiting Service

18 Sep 2006

Andy Hagans is one of the top 10 link builders on the planet, IMHO. I have been reading his articles, his blog and studied his service descriptions to fine tune my own services. He has now a new article up, When Are SEO Firms Going to Offer Link Baiting Services?. Well worth a read. He [...]

Stop the Topsites Spam!

14 Sep 2006

There is a site I have had a lot of problems with in regards to the hosting. That is my Directory TopSite. I finally moved the site to another hosting I have in which I pay $150 monthly for (15 C-class IPs, unlimited accounts etc). But then I got an urgent mail from the hosting [...]

Link Juice from Technorati? No!

9 Sep 2006

Technorati is a good tool to connect up with other bloggers in a true Web 2.0 spirit. WordPress pings and creates tags out of your categories automatically and they are a lot of plugins out there that makes Technorati tags out of your blog posts' content and place them at the end of the post. [...]

Lonelygirl15 is Jessica Rose

9 Sep 2006

Update, September 13th: See these articles: NY Times and LA Times It turns out the people behind the wildly popular video blog lonelygirl15 are not studio executives, Internet moguls or, as some suspected, Satanists. Instead, they are aspiring filmmakers who met at a mutual friend's birthday party in April: Miles Beckett, 28, a Web-obsessed medical [...]

Funny Emails

5 Sep 2006

This is my official blog post of funny emails that will be updated as I get more. These are written by humans by filling out the contact form (no spam). xxxx is my editing to keep the privacy. This one is coming from an old online flash games site that I had. Somehow he tracked [...]

Some random news #1

2 Sep 2006

I don't really have time to blog so here are you get the short version all at once and in no order: You can now change colors of this site. This site got just listed in DMOZ. I won an alexa competition. My business partner who is also my father sold his house and is [...]

My Other Interests

24 Jul 2006

You probably know that one of my main interests is SEO - Search Engine Optimization and I also like to design web sites. Perhaps you also know that I have a strong interest in writing fiction. And you might also know that I am also very interested in philosophy - especially metaphysics. Let me list [...]

Self-employment the way to go

24 Jul 2006

I have just read one of the recent articles by Steve Pavlina: 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job I really recommend it but I want to say that it is not as simple as it might look like. Steve is talking about making a living out of blogging and I can tell you [...]

New Page Strength SEO Tool

15 Jul 2006

SEOmoz has just recently released a new kick ass SEO tool: Page Strength SEO Tool I really like this tool and it is far better in measuring page strength than the crappy PR. Actually PageRank has just been updated and I checked my 45 sites ... the values are more weird then ever. The start [...]

Bought some new sites

28 Jun 2006

I regularly invest in new sites and now I have done a new round. Here are the new ones I got hold of: Game Reign PR5 high trafficed flash game site Wi-Fi-Hotspots Unique site Find More Articles 3,2K articles, nice script Mesothelioma Learning Nice high paying content nishantonline.info PR4 domain for later use turtlcafe.net PR4 [...]

Superspammer getting billions of pages in Google

18 Jun 2006

A spammer from Romania has found a loophole in Google and is getting billions of subdomains into Google in just 3 weeks - and ranks them! Here is a site query of one of the domains. The stupid thing is that he also ranks: example 1, example 2. "TheHoff" is writing how this was done [...]

SEO Meeting in New Delhi India

11 Jun 2006

Indian members of the Digital Point Forums have organized a SEO meeting in New Delhi on the 17th June 2006. Web site for the Delhi SEO Meet Official DP thread for the meeting Official blog for the meeting By looking over the guest list (nick names, pics) I recognize several friends and good partners (Pankaj [...]

Link Building Guide

4 Jun 2006

Important: This article was written by me in june 2006. It needs to be updated to correctly reflect the current search engines guide lines and new methods for link building. / Jim Westergren Introduction I have been providing many thousands of links to my SEO clients and I have myself established a number of PR6 [...]

Fractal Art

31 May 2006

I was idle surfing before going to sleep and somehow I entered on a wiki userpage, which brought me to the word Fractal art. I was of course curious and impressed and saved down some links for you guys to see what I liked. First let's explain the word: Fractal art is the visual depiction [...]

2 big redesigns and 2 new sites

29 May 2006

Usually I just concentrate on SEO for myself and clients and don't do so much web site designing but the last days was an exception. In fact I even don't offer web design anylonger to clients so when I do it is mostly for my own sites. This is the new web design updates from [...]

Vacation mixed with company planning

26 May 2006

On the May 11-12, 2006 I was out for vacation/planning in a very nice place in Sweden called Båstad and Hovs Hallar. I had been working for many weeks in front of the computer and so it was very nice to have some real nature. With my partner Peter Larsson we did some major financial [...]

Turning down SEO clients

26 May 2006

I just explained to a Swedish client why I turned him down. He is willing to pay 7K USD to me for the SEO job to his site. I looked at the site for 5 minutes, read the KW he wants to target and explained to him why I choose not to take this job. [...]

Link Value Calculator

23 May 2006

Text Link Ads just released their Text Link Ads Calculator. It uses Alexa, backlinks, theme, number of links to be sold, sitewide or single page and location of the link in the calculation. Announcement and discussion at their Link Building Blog. I certainly like it, do you? Will you use it?

Matt Cutts on BigDaddy, linking, crawling etc

20 May 2006

Matt Cutts just recently wrote a major post, Indexing timeline. In it he explains a great deal about the new BigDaddy infrastructure, new rules for crawling and how relevancy in regards to links now has become a lot more important. I will quote below what I personally find very interesting from his post and his [...]

The invaluable SEO Guide

20 May 2006

Rand has been updating his invaluable SEO Guide some months ago and today I printed it out from his word doc (26 pages) and read it on the bus while travelling. I must say that I am really impressed. Altough I know a great deal in the SEO business I still encountered a lot of [...]

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