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Funny Emails

This is my official blog post of funny emails that will be updated as I get more.

These are written by humans by filling out the contact form (no spam). xxxx is my editing to keep the privacy.

This one is coming from an old online flash games site that I had. Somehow he tracked me and sent this:

Name: doesnt matter E-mail: [email protected] Regarding:

Street Fighter 2 is the most bullshit game i have ever played your oponent can hit u more then once when your in the air but when you hit your oponent in the air you cant hit him more then once, this is the most bullshit thing i have ever seen!! And theres more, when you win twice the game becomes even more stupid, when i block he is still able to hit me what the fuck is up with that!! If you dont take this game off atlest put an other game that doesnt make the player want to smash his computer into pieces!!!!

Here is another one and my answer was simple and just 2 letters, "No".

Name: xxxx E-mail: [email protected] Regarding:

can you make me 1 short story about a prayer for a mother from a child...?thanx..

This one comes from a total unknown name, the name is not even in my correspondance database:

Name: xxxxxx E-mail: [email protected] Regarding: Thank you



I want to thank you for your great services.

This one is also quite funny considering that I am a guy ...

Name: xxxxxx E-mail: [email protected]

hi girl whats up

I think this one is my favorite:

Name: xxxx E-mail: [email protected] Regarding: direction

i live in jamaica i want to join the army but i dont want to have any level, i want to aim to the sky

5 Sep 2006

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