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Information as a Global Power Tool

Forewords: I am not a politician. These are some thoughts from my head and they could be all wrong.

GOD controls the world, right? GOD stands for Gold (money), Oil and Drugs and the more of these you have the more power you have. And what can you use to control masses of people? Twisted religions, mis-information and propaganda. Wars are bad, but that is just the tip of an iceberg. Do you know that there are at this moment more than 30 thousand martyrs ready for suicide missions? They are humans like you and me and the worst part is that they strongly believe that their missions is the right thing to do. This thoughts and beliefs are not coming from themself, I can tell you that but the sad thing is that they can't see that. Or at least it will be extremely hard for them to see as they first have to re-evaluate almost everything they know and have established as truths. It's not an easy process.

I have done some reading and observations of mind-control myself some years ago. I can tell you this, you have no idea how much your thoughts, opinions and actions are affected by the opinions, thoughts of other people and the information you are receiving. Spend 5 years of your life in a cult and live only with those people and after that you don't know what is true or false anymore. One example: The Flat Earth Society . You can't differentiate what believes and opinions are coming from yourself from those coming from an external point (manipulator).

Wars are actions latest on the chain. I believe that to stop wars you have to go way way before on the chain to see from where does the manipulation of peoples thoughts come from and remove that source. Example: In the beginning of the 1940's most of the people in germany (or a large amount of people) thought that the actions of Hitler was correct. Hitler would not have any power if he had no people behind him. Removing Hitler or stop his manipulation of the people would be the correct thing, obviously. But the hard thing is for the manipulated people to think clearly and re-evaluate information.

And you think there is nothing wrong where you live today? Think again.

As of 1998, we have these stats of global priorities (source):

In 2006 the US president requests $72.4 Billion for the Global War on Terror and most of it is for military uses - not changing peoples ideas or de-manipulation. (source)

Chip implants has already been started to be implemented in the US by a few volunteers all under the phrase "fighting terrorism".

What if the massive campaign against terrorism is all wrong? What if it is just some political moves on the global chess board?

Now, the facts above is nothing really new. What is new is what I want to talk to you now about and has to do with the future.

I have a strong feeling that GOD in the future will not be Gold (money), Oil and Drugs but something completely different. Information. I believe that in the future the one that owns and controls the most information will have the most power. Today Google has over 25 billion pages indexed. Google can today make one twitch in their algo which could make hundreds of online companies bankrupt. But this is nothing compared to the future.

Today Google and Yahoo are buying online companies left right and center. Just a few days ago Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. Yahoo is on the way to buy Facebook for a billion or so. How will it look 10 or even 30 years from now? This is probably just the beginning.

If you can control the information people are getting you can also control their thoughts and opinions and thereby their actions - on a very large scale. The control points of Gold, Oil and Drugs would not be needed anymore - this is way more powerful.

How is the information of the internet controlled 30 years from now? Who knows. 150 years from now? Who knows. Words like "keywords", "HTML" and even "search engines" will probably long be forgotten 150 years from now.

What if one day you realize that most of the things you know and believe are actually wrong and you don't know what is truth anymore? That happened to me and it was not a nice experience, but that's a completely different story.

I am a Sci-Fi writer in addition to SEO and these are some of the things I think about late at nights ...

16 Oct 2006

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