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Lonelygirl15 is Jessica Rose

Update, September 13th:

See these articles: NY Times and LA Times

It turns out the people behind the wildly popular video blog lonelygirl15 are not studio executives, Internet moguls or, as some suspected, Satanists. Instead, they are aspiring filmmakers who met at a mutual friend's birthday party in April: Miles Beckett, 28, a Web-obsessed medical school dropout; Mesh Flinders, 26, a screenwriter; and Greg Goodfried, a 27-year-old lawyer.

Update, September 12th:

Lonelygirl15 has been found to be Jessica Rose of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. She is 19 years old. This according to SVW and LG15.com. Discussion on DP forums.

The nick name of Jessica Rose is jeessss426, here are Pics of Jessica Rose, her Myspace and Myspace blog and some other evidence from Google.

Earlier story:


Who is Lonelygirl15? She appears to be a cute little innocent lonely 16-year-old girl that is posting videos on YouTube.

But she is not just any girl, she has over 2 million viewers and her YouTube channel is the second-most subscribed-to of all time.

But that's not all, she fooled them all! In fact LG15 is part of something much bigger.

Quote from the film making team:

She is no more real or fictitious than the portions of our personalities that we choose to show (or hide) when we interact with the people around us. Regardless, there are deeper mysteries buried within the plot, dialogue, and background of the Lonelygirl15 videos, and many of our tireless and dedicated fans have unearthed some of these. There are many more to come.

The team are in the process of making a new web site "To enhance the community experience of Lonelygirl15" and "We are working furiously to complete the website, and hope to have it up and running shortly.". This whole message can be read here. It was posted on the Lonelygirl15.com forum and as of now this site is down ...

"This website will allow everyone to enjoy the full potential of this new medium.". We are most probably talking about TV 2.0 here, or probably the biggest ARG (Alternate Reality Game) ever created in which everyone gets involved and participates in the creation of her reality. The viral marketing of this plot is truly amazing.

Here are some of the facts that supports what LG15 really is:

What are some of the "deeper mysteries buried in the plot"?

The video "Bree The Cookie Monster" has Bree (Lonelygirl15) rate three cookies. The scores in order are "10", "12", and "06" (not just "6"). 10/12/06, or October 12th, 2006, which would be this year's birthday of Aleister Crowley - a weird occultist. A picture of Crowley is also hanging on the wall and Bree has a ritual to attend to that is most probably taking place on the October 12th. What else is happening on October 12th? Is that the release of the new site?

There are probably more mysteries buried and most probably more to come.

I was fascinated by this lonelygirl15 phenomena and saw some videos. The viral marketing of it was very interesting and when I got to know about the mysteries I was hooked. It will be interesting to see how this developes, the latest news can be seen from Google News here.

In fact, it was already figured out that she was fake in July by this little kid on YouTube.


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9 Sep 2006

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