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Andy Hagans now offers a Link Baiting Service

Andy Hagans is one of the top 10 link builders on the planet, IMHO. I have been reading his articles, his blog and studied his service descriptions to fine tune my own services.

He has now a new article up, When Are SEO Firms Going to Offer Link Baiting Services?. Well worth a read. He has also posted up a link bait services page. 4 grand seems to be a lot, but I tell you, a really successful link bait campaign is worth a lot more. SEOmoz charges 20 grand minimum.

If you don't know what link bait is you can read my article on that here. That article will have some major revision and expansion some time in the future btw ...

I am currently practicing link bait and had some good successes with at least 3 articles. My latest one - Link Building Guide - is showing 1,4K backlinks in Yahoo and was featured on many SEO experts blogs.

I am testing various methods and practices, this blog is my tool for that. I have another 5 articles that I have started on that will serve as link baits and at least 1 of them I believe will be a bigger hit than my last one.

But I have to admin, I am far from being able to offer this to clients. I have to learn a lot more about the blogosphere, social network sites and what works and what doesn't. Perhaps in 2007 I can start to offer this to clients with a confident that I will bring good results. Clients have all kind of (strange) web sites, some in a niche that no one has any interest in whatsoever.

I have learned 3 solid things so far:


I am in some very few days launching my new link building service, stay tuned!

PS: Sorry for spelling mistakes, this was typed very fast and English is my secondary language.

18 Sep 2006

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