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Vacation mixed with company planning

On the May 11-12, 2006 I was out for vacation/planning in a very nice place in Sweden called Båstad and Hovs Hallar.

I had been working for many weeks in front of the computer and so it was very nice to have some real nature. With my partner Peter Larsson we did some major financial and strategic planning for this and next year.

It was real fun. Before the "conference" I told Peter that I think that what the company earned most with the least expenses was link building for clients and during the meeting while we studied the financial records he told me: "You think, look at this calculation. No shit!", hehe.

Some major targets for 2007:

For 2008:

Some images:

Me looking over the nature: Hovs Hallar

Peter Larsson: Peter Larsson

Financial calculations: Financial calculations

A reporter from a Swedish major newspaper (Sydsvenskan) called me regarding the V7N SEO contest, and that interview resulted in this article. Newspaper interview

Some exploring, :): Hovs Hallar

Some more nature, try to spot the "cave" (Hint: Look at the left): Hovs Hallar

We reached the "cave": Hovs Hallar

26 May 2006

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