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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

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Selling my SEO business TodaysWeb

19 Apr 2018

Since I came back to Sweden in beginning of 2016 I have mostly been working on Domainstats which I also secured an investment for. The project is now almost ready for an official launch which is very exciting. My SEO and web development business TodaysWeb stayed in Bolivia as an independent company and has been [...]

Fire Sale! 80+ Web Sites And Domains Must Go

12 Oct 2009

Over the years I have bought a lot of domain names and web sites. I especially bought a lot of web sites in 2006 and 2007 to use for link building to clients but as I sold my link building services and 40 web sites in October 2007 I have had almost no use of [...]

Rank bragging

8 Oct 2006

I have some good ranks with some keywords and I want to show it to you here. It is mostly my blog that is doing well but also some other sites. I am of course working on a lot more. I am not counting double listings. Latest update: December 5, 2006 Google   KeywordRank seo [...]

Historical Fiction Forum

27 Sep 2006

I have bought a new site and been working on it for a few days. Historical Fiction .org It has an active forum with almost 40 000 posts and a large number of book reviews written and submitted by it's forum members. The site is almost 1 year old and my plan is to make [...]

Release of my new Link Building Service!

20 Sep 2006

Finally after a lot of work my new link building service is ready and is here released. This new service is totally unique for the SEO industry (challenge me if I am wrong) and is developed based on my recent article: Link Building Guide. This new service provides links that: Are one-way to your site. [...]

Bought some new sites

28 Jun 2006

I regularly invest in new sites and now I have done a new round. Here are the new ones I got hold of: Game Reign PR5 high trafficed flash game site Wi-Fi-Hotspots Unique site Find More Articles 3,2K articles, nice script Mesothelioma Learning Nice high paying content nishantonline.info PR4 domain for later use turtlcafe.net PR4 [...]

2 big redesigns and 2 new sites

29 May 2006

Usually I just concentrate on SEO for myself and clients and don't do so much web site designing but the last days was an exception. In fact I even don't offer web design anylonger to clients so when I do it is mostly for my own sites. This is the new web design updates from [...]

4 new web sites, 1 sold and 2 new for a client

15 Apr 2006

I have bought some new web sites the last months and recently completed one new. ArticleHub.net, recently completed. This one is coded from scratch by my partner Alkesh from my instructions, designed by my friend Praveen, script errors and additional features fixed by legend2, database bought from a guy on DP and touch ups done [...]

I start to HATE Web Hosts

19 Mar 2006

I am not usually using MSN Instant Messenger but yesterday I signed in to talk to my brother. I spoke to him a bit and then I went to another room. When I came back to the computer 5 minutes later I see the following on the screen: Stephen J says: u owe me for [...]

My directory now lists over 10,000 sites

15 Mar 2006

Well. I could never believe when I started that stupid directory it would become so big. As of today for Add URL-Free.com: Age: 8 months Active links: 10,609 (with opt-in e-mail) Categories: 93 Pending links: 421 Indexed pages in Google: 20,100 Yahoo backlinks: 5,650 MSN backlinks: 11,161 Unique backlinks: 698 Average daily uniqes: 374 Average [...]

New site: SEO-Forum.se

17 Feb 2006

I just finished making a Swedish SEO forum - SEO-Forum.se - and I am very pleased with it. There has not been any real SEO forum for Sweden before and I tell you, it was really needed. I did some special things with it, such as all members have 1 of 3 different titles depending on their skill in SEO, special rules and so on. vBulletin is actually fantastic. I believe it will be a total success.

Releasing SEO Fusion!

13 Jan 2006

I am happy to announce that I now have a SEO Site for my international clients set up with all my services and their info listed! Let me present: SEO Fusion This will start my SEO business for real and moving into english speaking clients. I found it much easier doing link building for english [...]

Positive PageRank prediction!

13 Jan 2006

New Edit on January 13: This tool is a bit wacko at the moment, as well as Google and the Google PageRank toolbar. The result it gave was not correct. Original post: That I like! The one I really doubt is the last one for PR 6, it will be PR 4-5. And the first [...]

Site sold: ArcadeShack.com

4 Jan 2006

I bought ArcadeShack.com on an auction on NamePros for $75 in April 2005. I then spent a week or more improving the default site and added many features such as highscores, rating etc. I also did a real on-page optimization with mod_rewrite and KW density on game pages etc. The site has been very successful [...]

New site: SEOForReal.com

4 Jan 2006

SEO For Real - all the latest SEO information for SEO Professionals automatically collected in one place. Instead of checking 5 different SEO blogs and news sites daily - you just have to visit this one. I paid a person on DP that was offering to set up these kind of sites and then I [...]

New site: Link Juice - buy text links

30 Dec 2005

Right now you can buy very cheap text links at LinkJuice.net and get some good discount. Boost your PR with some real Link Juice! Yesterday evening I made a new simple site to serve as a place to sell my text links. I will start to promote it in the beginning of January.

New site: OV2.net - Free URL redirection

28 Dec 2005

Do you have a long URL? You can have OV2.net/you by using OVER TO free URL redirection service. Just fill out a simple form and then done. No registration, no ads, no fee, nothing - not even ads on the page in which you fill out the form. Try it out! Test it! This was [...]

New site bought - SEOPlanet.net

14 Dec 2005

Yesterday I purchased SEOPlanet.net on an auction. It is a very nice site with RSS news, SEO tools, a directory, articles and more with a nice design as well. Also PR 4. It is the final element I needed and will work as a center for my SEO sites, services and resources. As soon I [...]

Someone put my post in digg.com

12 Dec 2005

My post Frames with CSS got submitted by someone to the design section of to digg.com and I got about 70 visitors by it. 10 people digged it so far (2 days later). Not enough to reach the home page but still ok. As soon I have a moment more I will try to explore the site a bit more and try become a member and submit some more of my stuff :) If it goes good I will blogg about it.

Changed theme! (again)

12 Dec 2005

This one I really like! Much better than the other one and I have integrated all the nice features that I had before. This one was not part of the around 200 themes that I was browsing before to select the previous one. I arrived to this one by following a signature link of a [...]

Frames with CSS!

10 Dec 2005

I made it! After some hours I have now managed to put an idea into reality. It was not easy but now I am happy that I made it. Site: www.SEOFAQ.net If you scroll it will look like as if you have frames but in fact it is just CSS. It was not easy to [...]

GoogleBot ate my bandwidth!

8 Dec 2005

Yesterday I got an automatic e-mail from my web host that this site has consumed 80% of the bandwidth. I was thinking that it was very stange, it is just in the beginning of the month and I don't get so many visitors. My bandwidth is on 2 GB. I checked the my statcounter but [...]

New site bought - LitCollection.com

7 Dec 2005

I thought that I should increase my collection of web sites and so I bought LitCollection.com on an auction. It is a directory of authors and their published work. It has great potential with over 5K pages with lot's of text and as I know I can make it PR 5 I think I will [...]

Tutorial: Feed your sites by blogging!

30 Nov 2005

Notice: This article is from 2005. I have written a new one in 2009 about this same thing but much more good that can be read here. Are you also the kind of webmaster with 5, 10 or even 20 web sites with the plan of making a living only through your own sites? How [...]

Huge amount of links added to my new site

29 Nov 2005

Some days ago I released NetMarketing.us. And since 72 hours I have added the following amount of links: Two PR 7 links (both home page) Ten PR 5 links (6 sitewide and 4 home page) Ten PR 4 links (6 sitewide, 2 home page and 2 on subpages) Seven PR 3 links (4 sitewide and [...]

Good way to get many links and PR

27 Nov 2005

I found an interesting thing that worked well for me in order to get PageRank and backlinks. Here it comes: Get many sites. I have so far more than 20 sites and I must say that links is no problem now. I have been buying sites on auctions that already had PR and made those [...]