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4 new web sites, 1 sold and 2 new for a client

I have bought some new web sites the last months and recently completed one new.

ArticleHub.net, recently completed.

This one is coded from scratch by my partner Alkesh from my instructions, designed by my friend Praveen, script errors and additional features fixed by legend2, database bought from a guy on DP and touch ups done by myself.


When I saw this one on auction I liked it so much that I bought it.


This one I bought very cheap. Did some fix ups, improved the KW density and did some SEO myself. Then got it to PR6 from PR0. Guess what you can do with a site that is PR6 and has 250 000 pages in Google ? :)


Another free general directory. Also this one I bought almost for free. I have some good PHPLD templates and some special codes for them so I know how to make revenue from it. I will work on that later, maybe next month.

WebLinkDirectory.net was sold. It is Site-sift listings and I could not manage to convert to PHPLD, needed money and well ... put it on auction. I got 3x the amount I bought it for, just by having the site and doing nothing with it :)

I have also bought 4 new niche directories (all problems with hosting), 1 swedish bank site (domain transfer in progress) and 1 search engine blog.

Here are the sites I made the last weeks for an association:


Swedish site to make a personality test online. I like this one, it looks very nice.


Selling of self-improvement books. 11 different landing pages that are run from AdWords.

With 10 more projects resting for new sites, 25 current sites and 60 clients you get an idea that I might be busy ;)

So, as soon as I get more time freed up from clients I will start to work with the above sites and also put the other ones I bought online.

15 Apr 2006

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