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New site bought - SEOPlanet.net

Yesterday I purchased SEOPlanet.net on an auction. It is a very nice site with RSS news, SEO tools, a directory, articles and more with a nice design as well. Also PR 4.

It is the final element I needed and will work as a center for my SEO sites, services and resources.

As soon I finish the projects I do for clients I will get onto this one.

Some plans:

- Add more RSS feeds on the home page such as SEO Scoop, Matt Cutts blog etc. - Add a resource page with links to recommended places. - Add a SEO services page where I present my own services. - Add a page on getting backlinks. Will be information on link buying, directory submission services, reciprocal links and more. - Either insert the 5,5 K listings from addurl-free.com into the dir or create a new dir for it by modifying the current directory script - I will see about that.

This site actually fits me perfect, I cannot wait to jump on it :)

14 Dec 2005

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