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GoogleBot ate my bandwidth!

Yesterday I got an automatic e-mail from my web host that this site has consumed 80% of the bandwidth.

I was thinking that it was very stange, it is just in the beginning of the month and I don't get so many visitors. My bandwidth is on 2 GB.

I checked the my statcounter but no increase in visitors. Hmmm. I checked in AW Stats and there I see that 1,6 GB was used in the last days coming from one IP. And it is not a SE spider.

Ok I go and use the IP look-up in statcounter but that IP was not recorded ...

I go to DNSstuff.com to check who is this IP and I find some kind of company in the US ...

I checked the IPs of some sites and found out that my site AddURL-Free.com has the same IP, so this is the IP of the servers of the hosting company.

After a moment of figuring I put two and two together I came to the conclusion that Google has been spidering the ODP section of addurl-free.com like crazy and I had a RSS feed there from this site that displayed 8 items on each subpage. So the spidering only costed addurl-free.com about 50 MB but the generation of the RSS feed costed this site 1,6 GB. I have now turned that off.

I have sent an e-mail to my hosting company to see how to solve this, perhaps I will have to upgrade again so that I have 5 GB.

So it could happen that this site goes down for a while "bandwidth limit exceeded" but I hope not.

Anyway I should see it from the good side, I leared that RSS feed consumes bandwidth.

8 Dec 2005

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