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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

Jim Westergren

I am Jim Westergren and I am a successful internet entrepreneur.
I live in Marbella, Spain with my wonderful wife and 3 children.

For more about me, see my about page.

My current projects:

N.nu is a website builder with more than 20 000 active websites. One of the leading in Sweden since 2009.
Domainstats has valuable information and metrics for many millions of domains. List of SEO tools with billions of links in our database. My own Domainscore metric, web crawler, API etc.
Advinsula is a free browser based MMO Role Playing Game. Immersive and simple that anyone can play in their mobile phone, 15 minutes per day.
CLESTO is a jungle chess game I created that I like more than chess.
Redistats is a web analytics tool that is simple to use and highly scalable. Not using cookies and high privacy.
The Space War is a strategic 2 player card game. All cards included, play online for free or offline.
Our charity in Bolivia. Helping poor families on the ground without middle hands. 100% of funds goes to the poor.
Biggest SEO guide in Sweden.

My latest articles:

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Very nice christmas celebration with my family

24 Dec 2005

I was away some days celebrating christmas with my family for two days. First my father and my little brother played bowling - that was real fun :). Then air hockey - real action, excitement and fun. The next day I was playing computer games with my little brother until the nice dinner. After that [...]

First annual report, my success online

21 Dec 2005

On the 5th of December 2004 I returned to Sweden after having been worked in a non-profit organization in Denmark for 5 years. I had no contact with internet during those years and before that in 1999 I had only some minor basic knowledge with HTML. Everything I owned then was about $40, around 20 [...]

Google backlinks just updated

19 Dec 2005

Just noticed it, it must have happened in the last few hours. Google is not updating the backlinks regularly like MSN and for some strange reason only shows part of them and in a random manner. My advice is to always use MSN when checking links. It also seem like MSN is listing the backlinks with the ones with most backlinks on the top. MSN is updating the backlinks the same time they update the index which I believe is once or every second day.

Google knows about your backlinks

18 Dec 2005

Google knows probably a lot more than you think. This is a blog post by Matt Cutts (Google Engineer): "Tell me about your backlinks" Google might not like that text links are being bought but in my opinion I see no problem with that. You pay for advertising, just like adwords. Now, I agree that [...]

Yahoo algo update

18 Dec 2005

A few days ago Yahoo updated it's algo. My Swedish company web site went from #3 to #1 on the keyword webbdesign (swedish for web design), so I am pleased. But it is interesting that I have not done any changes at all on the site since months, I have just been adding backlinks. By looking over forums and other blog posts we can see that it was not such a major thing - nothing like Google's Jagger update. How did it go for you?

What one Dianetics book did in Siberia

17 Dec 2005

This is an incredible true story of what one single book could do in Siberia. It is some interesting reading. ##READ-MORE-LINK## *Book One is what we call "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health." The Hubbard College is a training facility where people learn to use (in their businesses) the administrative technology developed by L. [...]

How to write DOS text on your site

17 Dec 2005

Do you want web site text that looks like DOS text? Here is the CSS that produces what you see on this page: .dos { width: 400px; background: #000; padding:30px; font-size: 9pt; font-family: fixedsys, LucidaTerminal, monospace; color: #909090; text-align: left; overflow:auto; border: 5px solid #909090; } Good luck! New added: I made this for fun, [...]

New site bought - SEOPlanet.net

14 Dec 2005

Yesterday I purchased SEOPlanet.net on an auction. It is a very nice site with RSS news, SEO tools, a directory, articles and more with a nice design as well. Also PR 4. It is the final element I needed and will work as a center for my SEO sites, services and resources. As soon I [...]

I got chapter 1 and 2 back from my teacher

13 Dec 2005

Spoke to my writing teacher today and she gave me back the first two chapters of my Sci-Fi novel with feedback. I had turned them in for evaluation and now I just want to say one thing: It is hard ...

What is freedom?

12 Dec 2005

Do you know what real freedom is? Does anybody know what it is? Is it possible to know it? Well, let's discuss :) From my own philosophical studies on this subject on works written in 1954 by Mr Hubbard (golden essay Trapped) I came to understand this subject much better and I would like to [...]

Double intelligence, how would it be?

12 Dec 2005

Some years ago I remember that I had to get some inspiration for my sci-fi writing. I was kind of surveying some friends of mine who also studied philosophy about how a being with the double intelligence of man would operate. How would a being with let say 350 IQ operate? I was mentioning means [...]

Someone put my post in digg.com

12 Dec 2005

My post Frames with CSS got submitted by someone to the design section of to digg.com and I got about 70 visitors by it. 10 people digged it so far (2 days later). Not enough to reach the home page but still ok. As soon I have a moment more I will try to explore the site a bit more and try become a member and submit some more of my stuff :) If it goes good I will blogg about it.

Changed theme! (again)

12 Dec 2005

This one I really like! Much better than the other one and I have integrated all the nice features that I had before. This one was not part of the around 200 themes that I was browsing before to select the previous one. I arrived to this one by following a signature link of a [...]

Frames with CSS!

10 Dec 2005

I made it! After some hours I have now managed to put an idea into reality. It was not easy but now I am happy that I made it. Site: www.SEOFAQ.net If you scroll it will look like as if you have frames but in fact it is just CSS. It was not easy to [...]

Novell: Middag för två

9 Dec 2005

"Idag är det den tredje februari - årsfirandet av Europas förentas staters sammanslagning. I 250 år har vi upprätthållit en gemensam broderskap i den Telluspeiska storheten, må vi blomstra och uppehålla freden på vår planet för evigt ..." Triles stängde av radion med ett knytnävslag. Han kunde inte uttrycka hur mycket han hatade den Telluspeiska [...]

Fantasy novell: Den siste magikern

9 Dec 2005

Brödraskapet Leo visste hur viktig deras nästa uppdrag var. Denna gången kom instruktionerna direkt från kejsaren. De fem männen satt runt sitt bord i sin hemliga näste i underjorden. Deras sysselsättning för de senaste timmarna utgjordes av att fastställa den exakta planen. De kände bara till den siste magikern till namn, hur han såg ut [...]

Novell: Vägskälet

9 Dec 2005

Detta var slutet. Det skulle bli en befrielse från verkligheten med det mörka samvetet. Han var en mördare, ett faktum som tagit honom lång tid att acceptera. En människa hade förlorat sitt liv på grund av honom. Det fanns inga vänner, ingen som gillade honom och ingen som skulle komma att sakna honom. Människan var [...]

Prosadikt: Han visste

9 Dec 2005

Det var här han hade sett det. Erik tittade ner i gläntan och återfick bilderna av det oerhörda, overkliga och mystiska. Det var en oförglömlig hemlighet som endast han burit, ty det fanns inga ord för det han skådat och de känslor det framkallat. Han såg det som igår, det starka ljuset och den överväldigande [...]

GoogleBot ate my bandwidth!

8 Dec 2005

Yesterday I got an automatic e-mail from my web host that this site has consumed 80% of the bandwidth. I was thinking that it was very stange, it is just in the beginning of the month and I don't get so many visitors. My bandwidth is on 2 GB. I checked the my statcounter but [...]

New site bought - LitCollection.com

7 Dec 2005

I thought that I should increase my collection of web sites and so I bought LitCollection.com on an auction. It is a directory of authors and their published work. It has great potential with over 5K pages with lot's of text and as I know I can make it PR 5 I think I will [...]

New jewel from Randfish, just released

5 Dec 2005

Once again, Rand and his team impress us with a new fantastic 9 pages guide to SEO - for free. Many years of knowledge goes into such a piece. Here it is: Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization Can you afford NOT to read it? :)

Poem: Something Special

4 Dec 2005

There was a very special matter and some special supreme forces. Something happened and the matter exploded. The supreme forces then evolved the exploded matter into systems of an infinite amount of shining balls. Some of these shining balls were more special than others and there were especially one that came to have a very [...]

My Viewpoint on Trust

4 Dec 2005

"On the day we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth." - L. Ron Hubbard, Writer and Philosopher What is trust? What is the definition for this very often sensitive, unspoken subject? The Longman dictionary defines it the following way: ##READ-MORE-LINK## Trust Verb To believe that someone is honest and will [...]

What is time?

4 Dec 2005

What is time? Often the immediate concept that comes to mind is a clock, watch or a calendar, but what really is time? This is perhaps a very confused subject and you often hear: "I have no time.", "Time is money.", "I need to be on time" and so on. And for example the Einstein [...]

Tutorial: Feed your sites by blogging!

30 Nov 2005

Notice: This article is from 2005. I have written a new one in 2009 about this same thing but much more good that can be read here. Are you also the kind of webmaster with 5, 10 or even 20 web sites with the plan of making a living only through your own sites? How [...]

Huge amount of links added to my new site

29 Nov 2005

Some days ago I released NetMarketing.us. And since 72 hours I have added the following amount of links: Two PR 7 links (both home page) Ten PR 5 links (6 sitewide and 4 home page) Ten PR 4 links (6 sitewide, 2 home page and 2 on subpages) Seven PR 3 links (4 sitewide and [...]

Future of written communication and keyboards

27 Nov 2005

Some days ago I figured about how the future keyboards will work. Communication has to do with getting an idea across to another person. While writing e-mails and using instant messaging the faster it goes the better. Actually I believe that e-mails in the future will be even more streamlined, like for example visible instantly [...]

Good way to get many links and PR

27 Nov 2005

I found an interesting thing that worked well for me in order to get PageRank and backlinks. Here it comes: Get many sites. I have so far more than 20 sites and I must say that links is no problem now. I have been buying sites on auctions that already had PR and made those [...]

My Guide to SEO and Success

27 Nov 2005

This is a guide I worked out myself from what I have observed and learned in the field of SEO. It was originally posted by me on Digital Point SEO Forums and has been updated since then. ##READ-MORE-LINK## Keyword Research Work out the best keywords to target based on relevance and KEI for each webpage [...]

Theory on How to Become a Genius

25 Nov 2005

EDIT: April 30, 2006: This essay was written by me in a day 2 years ago. It was never modified or revised and it contains errors in the english language. It is also highly influenced by Scientology, a religion I then was part of but I have left since then. A proper revision of this [...]

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