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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

Poem: Something Special

There was a very special matter and some special supreme forces.

Something happened and the matter exploded.

The supreme forces then evolved the exploded matter into systems of an infinite amount of shining balls.

Some of these shining balls were more special than others and there were especially one that came to have a very special meaning.

This particular shining ball was very big and became too hot. It became so hot that the supreme forces no longer could keep it in balance and thus it exploded with a very strong light and a special dust cloud was sent out.

The supreme forces then made this particular dust cloud to move into itself and evolve into dust particles. Different kinds of dust particles got created, some big and some small. The real big ones was evolved by the supreme forces into new shining balls and also made the small ones to go around those new big ones.

On one of those dust particles which was evolved from the special dust cloud that was in itself created by the special shining ball from the very special matter, something interesting had occured. A thing called life had been created and there was a life unit on that particle who did something special. The life unit wrote a poetic speculation about how things got created and thought about if there was a higher meaning in it.

Then something even more special occured. Another life unit on that dust particle read the poetic speculation and what he thought, only the stars could tell...

4 Dec 2005

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