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Very nice christmas celebration with my family

I was away some days celebrating christmas with my family for two days.

First my father and my little brother played bowling - that was real fun :). Then air hockey - real action, excitement and fun.

The next day I was playing computer games with my little brother until the nice dinner. After that was ping pong in the kitchen, on the kitchen table! Extremely fun, I can tell you that! We played 4 at the same time - me, my father, brother and sister. All of us could play pretty ok but there was not so much space in the kitchen so you can imagine how it went ... We recorded some minutes on video, I hope I can show you later on the blog.

Then after that we played Cluedo - the detective board game, I won. I like that game, you have to be smart.

Then we all saw the movie Troy together. The historical aspect was very interesting - a good movie I must say.

Then it was like 1 AM and the kids went to sleep. Me and my father then spoke about philosophy, politics and history until 4 AM - some very interesting discussions and I realized 3 things during our talk. Perhaps I will blog about it.

Now I am back home and I will answer all e-mails and PMs. Back to business!

24 Dec 2005

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