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Double intelligence, how would it be?

Some years ago I remember that I had to get some inspiration for my sci-fi writing. I was kind of surveying some friends of mine who also studied philosophy about how a being with the double intelligence of man would operate.

How would a being with let say 350 IQ operate?

I was mentioning means of communication, physical operations, logical thinking, prediction skills and more to my friend and he gave me a very, very good answer and actually very simple actually. I bet that with some more of my philosophical reasoning and I would have found it myself ...

The being would operate in accordance to what game he is playing.

To understand this you have to know what game really means. There is the normal definition of game and there is the one relating to life, seeing life as a game.

The anatomy of game in the latter definition is: freedom, barrier and purpose.

Every man is playing a game at all times, it is the most fundamental in life activities - to have a purpose, reach freedom and handle the barriers. It is even higher ranked than purpose, this is some deep stuff ...

Each person has one or many games he is playing, knowing or unknowingly.

Anyway, I probably would have to brief a lot more about this at a later time. There is a lot of interesting info on this.

My point is, whatever the IQ - a being is operating in accordance to the game he is playing.

Example: If Adolf Hitler would have doubled his IQ, what would he have done? The same thing but probably in a smarter way .. oh my god.

Or take another example, what would Martin Luther King, Jr have done with double IQ? The same thing, but even better!

12 Dec 2005

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