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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

My Philosophical Essays


My Philosophical Beliefs

13 Apr 2007

I met some trouble recently trying to explain my philosophical standpoint as there are no term in the field of metaphysics nor philosophy that would properly describe it. The closest I get is "supernatural libertarianism" but who understands that? And it is still not a good term to use for my view of the world. [...]

Why Do I Believe in the Human Spirit?

22 Jan 2007

How come a rational guy like me believe in spirits (souls)? Actually I believe more in the fact that the human spirit exist than the sun rises tomorrow. I believe that you are your own spirit and you control your body like a tool and that you reincarnate when you need a new body. Why? [...]

What is freedom?

12 Dec 2005

Do you know what real freedom is? Does anybody know what it is? Is it possible to know it? Well, let's discuss :) From my own philosophical studies on this subject on works written in 1954 by Mr Hubbard (golden essay Trapped) I came to understand this subject much better and I would like to [...]

Double intelligence, how would it be?

12 Dec 2005

Some years ago I remember that I had to get some inspiration for my sci-fi writing. I was kind of surveying some friends of mine who also studied philosophy about how a being with the double intelligence of man would operate. How would a being with let say 350 IQ operate? I was mentioning means [...]

My Viewpoint on Trust

4 Dec 2005

"On the day we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth." - L. Ron Hubbard, Writer and Philosopher What is trust? What is the definition for this very often sensitive, unspoken subject? The Longman dictionary defines it the following way: ##READ-MORE-LINK## Trust Verb To believe that someone is honest and will [...]

What is time?

4 Dec 2005

What is time? Often the immediate concept that comes to mind is a clock, watch or a calendar, but what really is time? This is perhaps a very confused subject and you often hear: "I have no time.", "Time is money.", "I need to be on time" and so on. And for example the Einstein [...]

Theory on How to Become a Genius

25 Nov 2005

EDIT: April 30, 2006: This essay was written by me in a day 2 years ago. It was never modified or revised and it contains errors in the english language. It is also highly influenced by Scientology, a religion I then was part of but I have left since then. A proper revision of this [...]

Jims' Three Laws of Logic Behind Looking

3 May 2004

As it starts to be a tradition for a great Sci-Fi writer to have established their own three laws, (Asimov, Clark etc.) I have done the same. As I am a philosophical fiction writer, my three laws are about the logic behind looking. What is true is that which you have seen yourself. In order [...]

Insight on Purpose

23 Apr 2004

I recently realized something about purpose that was very nice for me. I saw that behind everything you do there is a purpose, a purpose behind that exact action. There is nothing done for no purpose, you can always find out the purpose behind something being done. The purpose does not always have to be [...]

Realization on Interest

30 Aug 2003

I just recently made a realization about interest. As I have been writing I have been sending my work to my father and mother. I have also been telling to other people some stories etc. But how do I know if the person is really interested or only says so to not hurt me. Then [...]

Rules, Good or Bad?

18 Apr 2003

I recently made some speculations about rules for a group and realized something. I had for several years had the idea that Directives, Policy and rules is not good and only for them who "are not clever enough". I had the idea that it is much better to operate on logic and that the person [...]

My Input on Theories About Intelligence by Isaac Asimov

2 Feb 2003

I have studied the works of Isaac Asimov and I do admire his stories which inspired me a lot in my own writings. But I became a bit disappointed when I found out that Asimov has a materialistic viewpoint. In one of his essays he laid out that if mankind would be replaced by robots [...]