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Realization on Interest

I just recently made a realization about interest.

As I have been writing I have been sending my work to my father and mother. I have also been telling to other people some stories etc.

But how do I know if the person is really interested or only says so to not hurt me.

Then I found out that some of the people were originating communications to me about my writing AFTER I had been communicating about it.

I found that those people were genuinely interested in my writings and stories. I have been telling my novel (yes, it takes many hours) to two different people. And both of them were pushing me daily to continue to tell the story. Like really hunting me, waiting for me etc. This shows interest.

But I had been sending my stories to my father and mother. No response back. I had to push and push to get any response and they only mention anything about my writings when I first bring it up. No originated communications and simply no interest.

The realization was that those who are interested originates communications on the subject. And those who are not interested does not themselves originates any communications.

I made some experiences about this and then I could see that this is true not only for my writings but on anything. For example on my post, my life etc. I could just think if I had been originating communications to this person about a certain subject and the person did not originate back a later time, ok no interest.

I think that this is vital data to know for a story teller as it cuts off all the PR.

The best written story will get a lot of interest and will originate a lot of communications such as letters to the author, discussing with different readers etc.

30 Aug 2003

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