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Rules, Good or Bad?

I recently made some speculations about rules for a group and realized something.

I had for several years had the idea that Directives, Policy and rules is not good and only for them who "are not clever enough". I had the idea that it is much better to operate on logic and that the person himself can see what is moral, ethical and best to do. I had the false idea that by pushing rules on a group it creates people who loose their self-determinism and becomes like robots who don't think themselves.

BUT. Let us say we take away all agreements, Policy, Directives, Norms and rules from a group. What do we get? That is right, the group is gone.

These things establish the group and guide the group.

If there are no agreements established in a group you get chaos.

The more rational man is the more he base ethics on reason and adjusts the groups moral accordingly.

This is what I realized but we are not on this level of operation yet to let the group members adjust the group's moral as mistakes will be made by those not fully rational and intelligent enough to be able to see ALL future consequences.

SO ...

Follow the rules of the group you are in and let the rules develop and adjust itself by common agreements, simple.

18 Apr 2003

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