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Why Do I Believe in the Human Spirit?

How come a rational guy like me believe in spirits (souls)? Actually I believe more in the fact that the human spirit exist than the sun rises tomorrow. I believe that you are your own spirit and you control your body like a tool and that you reincarnate when you need a new body.


Before I start I want to tell you that you don't need to agree with me or change your believes in any way. What I am going to write in this essay are things that I personally believe in and I respect yours as well (if you respect mine).

Unfortunately I have not myself a clear memory of past lives. I have not received any recall hypnosis and only very little therapy.

Some quick "facts" about the spirit

The common denominator of every part of the physical universe is movement. Everything moves and changes. From the planets and stars down to the atoms. The only thing static that is not moving is the spirit.

The spirit is the creator of all thought, decisions and viewpoints. The spirit uses a body to operate in the physical universe. If you decide to move your arm and do it then that decision is coming from the spirit (you) then to the nerve center (the brain) that sends an exact right impulse through the correct nerve channel to the muscle in the body and the muscle then moves the arm. A majority of these movements the spirit has been setting up on automatic. For example when you move your eyes now when you read this, you don't take any decisions on that - it is automatic. And by the way, it is not the brain that is thinking - the brain is a center of communications to the nerve channels. The spirit knows and thinks by itself but uses the body.

The purpose of all living organisms (bodies, animals, the vegetable kingdom etc.) is survival for the organism, survival for the species of organism and serving higher organisms for survival. The purpose and goal of the human spirit is not survival (the spirit is immortal) but reaching goals that he* has established himself. These goals can be known or unknown to the person and the spirit has many of these, small or big, positive or destructive.

* The human spirit is neither masculine nor feminine, I use "he" for lack of a better word.

In the time of reincarnation the spirit goes through a process in which all memory gets placed in the unconscious mind.

The most shocking and or interesting: the human spirit (you) have been around long before even Earth existed ...

What about evidence?

The human spirit is not part of the physical universe and so you can imagine that it is hard giving physical evidence on something that is not physical. But consider this fact:

I have studied about an expedition called "Mission into Time" in which people travelled to different countries to verify and dig up things that was recalled in past live memories and which the person had not been to in his current lifetime. It was success on all verifications.

The human body is taking care of many basic survival functions for the spirit such as heart beat, breathing, eye blinking and much much more. It is possible for the spirit to take control over this.

The experiment

Blink with your eyes very fast 20 times. That decision came from the spirit (you) and now the spirit has taken control over the eye blinking of your body. You will notice that it takes a little while before the body again takes over the automatic control of the eye blinking.

Credits and further reading

My studies on this has been by materials written by L. Ron Hubbard. Some years ago I was very active and involved in the Scientology religion (resource page) and this has helped me a lot in my life afterwards even if today I don't agree with everything.

Further reading, essays by L. Ron Hubbard

This page is not affiliated with Scientology and is solely opinions by the author Jim Westergren.

22 Jan 2007

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