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Insight on Purpose

I recently realized something about purpose that was very nice for me.

I saw that behind everything you do there is a purpose, a purpose behind that exact action.

There is nothing done for no purpose, you can always find out the purpose behind something being done. The purpose does not always have to be rational but there is always a purpose, if so only entertainment.

My realization was that I saw that things are many times done for some other purpose and that this is wrong.

To do something for the purpose of getting the statistic up is to do it for the wrong purpose.

To do something in order to show compliance is to do it for the wrong purpose.

To work for the purpose of getting the money is to work for the wrong purpose.

I have seen this a lot and what I could see was that things done on wrong purpose tend to not achieve the expected result on the product done.

And how comes this can happen? I have some ideas - let's see:

First of all the purpose can be unknown. Here we can take the example of an office clerk who is filing papers which he then summarizes and sends to a certain place. If this office clerk does not know for which purpose he is doing this and does for example not know where his summarized papers wind up - he is not a happy man, despite the fact that he may get a high salary.

If he knows exactly the purpose behind what he is doing he will not only know exactly how to do it but he will also do it by himself.

A very good example on this is with kids - you tell them to do this, to do it like that, don't do like that, remember this, don't be stupid etc. etc.

But if you tell the kid the purpose behind why he has to do something a certain way then he will understand and then he will do it by himself as he knows the purpose behind doing it. I have a good reality on this as when I was a kid I was not told so much the purpose behind things.

I think also that the more rules, policy, directives, orders, statistics, programs, etc. put into a group; the more it clouds the real purpose behind the actions they are doing.

I think that all this has to do with self-determinism - the action of doing what one self determines to do.

On a robot, we give it an order and the robot does it - no problem. But if not told EXACTLY how to do it the robot will do mistakes.

On a human, we give him an order and he usually does it. Now if the purpose is known behind the order, the human will not do mistakes and if the full purpose was really known behind all actions then no order had to be given because the human already did it before the order was issued - providing it is a sane human who understands and that it was something possible to do (no missing materials, time etc.)

Through some philosophical studies I made the last year I have understood that purpose is THE key ingredient in any living life.


So if a person has not yet established a basic purpose for his life he will not be determined in his life. And I am sure this is the case with so much as 95% of the people on this planet.

The one thing higher than purpose is GOAL. You have a purpose to achieve the goal.

If you take a confused person and you have him orient himself where he is, put some order in his environment, establish the purpose behind his job and his duties and have him write down these. If he is not willing to work ask him what good his job makes until he realizes by himself that there is some useful in what he is doing. If you then have him establish what GOAL he wants to achieve in his life and write that down and then the purpose in which he needs to operate on to achieve the goal and then which rules or policy he needs to operate on to work on the purpose and continuing like that and also by breaking up the GOAL into sections of for example what he needs to achieve each year and if you establish all that and he has written it all down and understood it; and if he has done it by himself and not told anything about what he wrote - you may have changed that persons life forever.

And if you also have him write down all bad deeds and withholds exactly as it happened without lies until he is satisfied it is fully complete and then thanking him - there will be very little that can stop him in achieving his GOAL.


23 Apr 2004

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