Jim Westergren
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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

Annual Reports

I quit school when I was 17 and moved to Denmark to work in an elite religious international organization. I worked there 5 years and it changed my life forever. I returned back to Sweden in December 2004 and started a new life from zero without money, education or connections. I borrowed my mothers computer and started to learn HTML and internet marketing. The rest is history as they say. Each year I used to publish an annual report. Here they are listed:

28 Feb 2019:Annual report number 13 + 14: My Success
20 Jan 2017:Annual report number 11 + 12: My Success
3 Mar 2015:Annual report number 9 + 10: My Success
16 Feb 2013:Annual report number 8: My Success
9 Jan 2012:Annual report number 7: My Success
13 Feb 2011:Sixth Annual Report: My Success
11 Jan 2010:Fifth Annual Report: My Success
31 Dec 2008:Fourth Annual Report: My Success
20 Dec 2007:Third Annual Report: My Success Online
12 Jan 2007:Second Annual Report, My Success Online
21 Dec 2005:First annual report, my success online