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Sixth Annual Report: My Success

I know that I publish this late, but better late than never.

On the 5th of December 2004 when I was 22 years old I changed my life 180 degrees. I quit my earlier very special life and moved back to Sweden to change my life totally and start a new life. I can now for the first time reveal that I had left the Sea Org after being a member for 5 years. I was 17 when I left school and joined the Sea Org. I am today no longer involved in or have any contact with the Church of Scientology. One day I might give you my story but not now and not in this report. I can just for now say that there are both good and bad things in Scientology and that I am no longer a member.

I had no money, education, experience or connections and some people highly doubted that I could get successful. In fact before I left I was told by a few members of the Sea Org that I will never succeed with anything in my life if I left. Personally I took it as a great challenge and wanted to prove to myself that I was in fact an able person and that I could build up a new life and get successful. I started by borrowing my mothers computer and begun to learn HTML and internet marketing.

That is now 6 years ago.

Every year since then I publish an annual report how the year has gone and with future plans for the next year. Every year I try to do more good.

This is the sixth annual report for 2010.

If you are interested, read my 5 previous reports here:

If you want a short summary I can say that today I am very happily married, have a great son and a new baby on the way. We love each other so much it's like crazy. I have a successful company and have reached great success with internet marketing (search engine optimization) for myself and my clients. I have since then learned programming and built N.nu which is now used by over 15 000 people worldwide (currently growing by around 1000 per week) and that single project is now covering my salary and all costs of my company. I have learned everything myself (HTML, CSS, SEO, PHP etc.) from home using a simple computer, searching on Google and testing for myself. I live a fantastic life and I am today very happy and reaching the dreams of my life.

My family

Main highlights from 2010

Biggest objective of 10 000 active websites reached in N.nu

N.nu is my project that I built and where I offer everyone to make their own website for free. When I put the objective of 10 000 in january 2010 I had just around 300. I am very happy that I reached 10 000 on the 13th of December in 2010.

And now on the 13th of February I have more than 15 000 active websites.

Here is a graph:

Second objective of $10 000 gross income from N.nu reached

It is possible for users to upgrade their free website in N.nu and get some more features such as using a real .com domain and so forth. The objective was that the income from this will reach at least $10 000 and it was reached as well with $12K. While this cannot cover the costs for a normal salary, taxes and expenses it was my objective and I reached it. 2.1% of the users has upgraded and I intend to increase this to 3%.

Summary of 2010

I guess that around 80% of my work time was spent on building N.nu to it's current state and programming a lot of features. 20% was spent on clients. But today I don't really have any clients anymore and I am slowly shifting focus to work 100% on N.nu. We also spent a month living in Madrid, which was nice.

Another change was that I was working like an employed person around 40 hours a week. When I don't work I spend my time with my lovely family.

Goals for 2011


13 Feb 2011

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