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Annual report number 8: My Success

Back in December of 2004 I started a new life from zero. I was 22 years old without any money, education or connections. I borrowed my mothers computer and started to learn HTML and internet marketing.

That is now 8 years ago and each year I publish an annual report. Earlier reports are linked from the history section in my about page.

Main highlights from 2012

3 months in Malta

In the beginning of June we sold our car and lots of other stuff, rented out our apartment, packed almost all we owned in suitcases and moved from Sweden to Malta. Malta offers the lowest tax rates in EU (with a correct structure) and there are other many other internet entrepreneurs living there. Kind of a small Silicon Valley for EU.

But we didn't like it. It was just too warm and people were driving like crazy - a danger for our children. Also it was not so cheap/easy to hire developers. But the beach was fantastic.

Moving to Bolivia instead

So we packed our stuff again and with our two small children moved to the other side of the planet in South America. (my wife is from Bolivia)

I lived in Bolivia during 2008, here are my best photos.

New features with N.nu during 2012


Other things worth to mention


Goals for 2013


16 Feb 2013

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