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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

My History

I consider myself a rather special person as I am not like others. To understand it I will give you some information about the history of my life.

When I was child I was not doing so well and was generally afraid and actually under bad influence. I was often sick and additionally didn't see nor hear good. I also had no friends in the school. This lasted until I was 13 as then my mother divorced and we moved to Malmö in Sweden.

It went immediately better in my life, the sickness ceased and I started to get some friends. I started to play role game and I was the one writing and "lecturing" the adventures for the players. Life went much better and actually I won a scientist competition in the school. I started to play role gaming cards and came on the place of number seven in a Swedish national competition.

Then when I was 17 I was playing very much computer games and made several "records". Right after I learned HTML coding and made two professional web sites (Dragoncave and Links 4 U) by manual coding. On the summer right after I was on vacation with my family and we were playing cards, I didn't like the game and so I created my own card game (C-99) which actually is one of the better once I played. I started then the upper secondary school and I chose to study Science.

Shortly after I was introduced to the Practical Philosophy of Scientology by my father and I read a couple of books from the Founder. I immediately recognized it's truth and so took the game. I was regularly going to one of their churches after school time and I did a couple of their minor courses (one about fundamentals of the religion and the other about integrity) and some light spiritual counselling (about locating oneself in time and space). During this time I also read more than ten other books by the founder on the bus, school breaks etc.

During a couple of weeks later while being in the church on the way to the class room I was introduced to two members of the Sea Organization. The Sea Org is an Elite organization composed of the most dedicated scientologists which are working all they can on their project to save this planet (for more data on the Sea Org, see their official description here). I received an interview in which they told me that they needed more personnel and that I qualified. I had almost no doubt and signed the "religious commitment". I had decided this on the basis that I wanted to be a Scientologists full time and help people. I wanted to train and learn to apply the technology of Scientology and use it to help people to get insights about life. The two Sea Org recruiters then followed me up during my school time to make sure that all was ready for me to leave to their base in Denmark, Copenhagen. When I finished my term in December 1999 I went to their base in Copenhagen and started a preparation program. After the program I was posted as a Receptionist in their big Advanced Organization for the higher levels of spiritual counselling for Europe.

After a year I got posted as the Ethics Administrator. This is a post in the Department that handles the Ethics, Morals, Justice and Discipline of the personnel. My duty was to be in charge of a big archive of all the personnel and all the people having received spiritual counselling. My archive contained "Ethics Files" which are records of the persons ethics track. I had about 10 000 of them. I was also summarizing them, obtaining other such files from other churches around the planet and doing the filing of course. One year later I still held the same post and I had realized that my dream as a technical counsellor was not being made into a reality and shortly after in the summer of 2001 I started to write on a story (the one that has developed to The New Era of Operation).

My duty as Ethics Administrator continued and at the age of 21 I studied in my own time about 30 recorded lectures and several books and volumes about the philosophy behind Scientology and its basic principals.

As a member of the Sea Organization it was not easy to have time to write but some nights or when I held a watch duty I took the opportunity to write. All in all I wrote 7 short stories, 11 essays and one novel almost to the end. I held the post of Ethics Administrator for almost 5 years and took the post into a condition of power for 4 weeks in October 2004 ("power" is a state that has reached the highest level of production possible and maintained it for several weeks). I had also established computerized tracking system with searching system for the Ethics Files.

But during several years I had been having something in mind, following me. I considered myself not doing enough and not balancing the actions with the truths I knew. I wanted to take more responsibility and that is why I took the decision to become an author and demonstrate in fiction the powerful philosophical truths I had learned. So, on the 5th December 2004 I ended my duty at the Sea Org and moved temporary to my mother in Malmö, Sweden to start my career.

A few days later I made this web site and that is the story of my life, which illustrates who I am.

In regards to my future please read my essay My Dream.

3 Jun 2005

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