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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

My Dream

It is in my belief that creation, imagination, future-speculations and demonstrations concerning the deep philosophical questions are a much higher activity of man and I consider it one of his superior virtues.

That field is Science Fiction - and that is why I am a Sci-Fi writer.

If man would spend some more time communicating and being interested about philosophy, ideas, speculations, politics and the world around him instead of the weather, neighbors or the latest gossip and if man would study sensible books instead of watching TV, I believe that the world - especially the western - would look totally different than its current condition.

When man has solved his basic problems - food and place to live - I believe that he then needs to start to utilize his intelligence. Any modern newspaper with its stupidities is the proof that this is not really the case. Man is not an animal but he can be considered to be an animal compared to how non-animal he really could be. When man has codified the sciences, discovered the galaxy, mastered the spiritual side of existence and understood the true nature of himself; he is no longer involving himself in low intelligent mechanical work. Then he could be said to utilize his intelligence and be as non-animal he could get. But that is up to the future - a future spearheaded by good Science Fiction writers.

It is well known and true that man succeeds by adjusting the environment to him and not adjust himself to the environment. Such adjustments can go fast or can go slowly. The first barrier would be mans conservative attitude toward changes. Man is afraid of changes in his life - it threatens his security. It is up to the Science Fiction writers to lead the way in terms of presenting the future and tackle mans conservative attitude towards future-changes by being an eye-opener to the undiscovered. It is like the parent leading the child through the dark.

It is in my reality that if the majority of the population would regularly read good science fiction - the world would look very different.

A good written piece of art is written for the reader - not for the money, fame or other sub-purpose. Too many times I found myself startled over the ideas, imagination and state of wonder after having read a good Science Fiction story.

Once it happened to me that after having read a fantastic short story - Robot Visions by Isaac Asimov - which was not even 20 pages long, I found myself speculating in a field I had never before been looking at with my thoughts. It gave me insight on a depth I had very rarely experienced.

"What is true is that which is true for you" says the several thousands year old Buddhist law of wisdom. It is a truth so senior to all other truths. In my own studies about philosophy I have seen this repeated and I must say that personally it is one of my biggest insights. Now how do you know what is true for you? You would have to first look in order to see and I think here lays the whole trick. I believe that one good way of looking is the study of good Science Fiction. As it is fiction it is not true of course but that is what makes it so good because it is demonstrating and gives you the permission to look yourself. Your conclusions, change of viewpoints, decisions, ideas and above all insights - these are true. I would say that this is "amusement" in its highest form. Too many times I have seen the student reading his textbook about life, paragraph after paragraph, page after page, book after book and not himself looking. If the student is not himself looking how can he ever make it true for himself? I consider good Science Fiction a solution to this as it demonstrates indirectly and gives the permission to the reader to look for himself.

I have achieved a good subjective reality about the life quality and its role in the physical universe through my studies of philosophy the last year. I was myself looking. The teachers, instructors and supervisors were all against me - and I stood up and said "This idea is not yet true for me." I refused to accept the pretense and was considered the hopeless student. Soon I was no longer coming to class - my disagreements didn't let me. Meanwhile I was listening to about 30 lectures, studied several books, plowing reference books all at night and while walking. I was threatened to stop immediately - I didn't. The result was that I made true for myself more about philosophy than I had done the previous 3 years of class studying.

Now one of my main tasks is to demonstrate this reality from a scientific viewpoint (such as the life quality, thereby my novel The New Era of Operation), get it read by readers in which I hope will understand a lot more about life.

This is my dream and I hope it comes true.

29 Jan 2004

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