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My Novel - NEO

New Era of Operation

Genre: Epic Sci-Fi characterized with philosophy Language: Swedish Chapters: 14 plus Prologue and Epilogue Size: 45 158 words so far Date started: Summer of 2001 Estimate to finish: End of 2005 (not reached, started a company instead) Missing to finish: Last chapter, reworking and proofreading

General outline: The year is 2178. James McClintoc gets a telepatic message in his dream - a powerful planet is on the way to explode and he is called to join a rebel force from another system to fight the evil forces. This would be Earths first contact with alien life and James accepts the mission. During the course of his adventure James come to realize that it is the humans who are the evil species in the galaxy... Little does he know about the mystery in which he gets involved. Later on he finds out that these humans are actually humani-robots executing a secret strategic operation named NEO. James further gets to know the secret and it is revealed to him that he himself is the key to start the New Era of Operation on Earth to save it from human decay. James works together with a humani-robot on Earth to start the new operation but slowly the insight is reaching James - he must once again face the base of NEO...

Philosophical message: In this novel I bring up the theoretical possibilities of creating an Arti-mind - an artificial mind with capabilities thousands than that of the mind of a human. I bring up an issue of how the society would evolve with robots secretly supervising and taking care of the humans. In this novel I want to demonstrate in a logical way to the reader what role the factor of life plays in the environment and I will try to give answer to cultures decay and what influence technology has on man.

Objective with this novel: My purpose with this novel is to bring a new concept of life, society and understanding to the riddles of life with an objective step by step demonstration. It is a big task but if necessary, it will be my life-work.

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