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New PageRank Export

2 Feb 2007

Ok a new export on the April 28th 2007 with data taken from April 2nd 2007. New count: PR6 sites: 2 PR5 sites: 13 PR4 sites: 29 PR3 or less: 66 Conclusion: On average I lost a lot and think that generally most web sites on the internet went down in PR. There has been [...]

SEO Meeting in New Delhi India

22 Dec 2006

Update March 13th, 2007 I am very sorry but I cannot come. :( I am moving to a new flat at the end of the month, additionally my business has almost doubled which means a lot of work and we are working to set up and release my Swedish services that has to be ready [...]

IMC 2006 and Swedish SEO meeting is over

2 Dec 2006

The international Internet Marketing Conference for 2006 was held in Stockholm, Sweden, 2 days ago. There was 4 panels (I was part of the second one) and some of the common buzzwords that pretty much sums up this conference were the following: Web Analytics Visitor Attraction Marketing Analysis Eye-tracking Click-tracking Huge visitor interactive campaigns Real-time [...]

Latest SEO News

15 Oct 2006

The latest news in the world of SEO (this is written on October 15th 2006): Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. Negative response by Randfish, positive response from Shoemoney. TLA released a Blog Juice Calculator Yahoo had a new algo update. Andy Hagans goes even more busy and releases ReviewMe a very smart [...]

Release of my new Link Building Service!

20 Sep 2006

Finally after a lot of work my new link building service is ready and is here released. This new service is totally unique for the SEO industry (challenge me if I am wrong) and is developed based on my recent article: Link Building Guide. This new service provides links that: Are one-way to your site. [...]

Andy Hagans now offers a Link Baiting Service

18 Sep 2006

Andy Hagans is one of the top 10 link builders on the planet, IMHO. I have been reading his articles, his blog and studied his service descriptions to fine tune my own services. He has now a new article up, When Are SEO Firms Going to Offer Link Baiting Services?. Well worth a read. He [...]

New Page Strength SEO Tool

15 Jul 2006

SEOmoz has just recently released a new kick ass SEO tool: Page Strength SEO Tool I really like this tool and it is far better in measuring page strength than the crappy PR. Actually PageRank has just been updated and I checked my 45 sites ... the values are more weird then ever. The start [...]

Superspammer getting billions of pages in Google

18 Jun 2006

A spammer from Romania has found a loophole in Google and is getting billions of subdomains into Google in just 3 weeks - and ranks them! Here is a site query of one of the domains. The stupid thing is that he also ranks: example 1, example 2. "TheHoff" is writing how this was done [...]

Link Value Calculator

23 May 2006

Text Link Ads just released their Text Link Ads Calculator. It uses Alexa, backlinks, theme, number of links to be sold, sitewide or single page and location of the link in the calculation. Announcement and discussion at their Link Building Blog. I certainly like it, do you? Will you use it?

BigDaddy export completed

25 Mar 2006

The new BigDaddy infrastructure has now been exported to all or almost all of the datacenters. Now the strange shift between datacenters when searching is over. Coverage: http://www.seo-scoop.com/2006/03/25/big-daddy-rollout-complete/ http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/bigdaddy-status-update-almost-there/ Let's see if something more interesting will happen.

Main BlackHat joined blog of main WhiteHat

23 Mar 2006

It is true, no kidding. Geoffrey, aka as G-Man, who is probably the most known BlackHat spammer there is has joined the blog of SEOMoz, administered by RandFish - one of the highest profiles in the Pro SEO industry. RandFish introducing him: http://www.seomoz.org/blogdetail.php?ID=931 His SEOMoz profile: (he has 100K spam sites) http://www.seomoz.org/profile.php?user_id=7277 His first post: [...]

SE Algorithms - RandFish's session at SES NYC

2 Mar 2006

From the Search Engine Strategies in New York there are perhaps 50 pages blogged already by SE Roundtable, Matt Cutts and many more. From what I have read so far the most interesting is the presentation by Randfish on the Search Engine Algorithms. See this blog post from Rand. The powerpoint presentation can be seen [...]

as Internal Live PR; Evidence and Findings

24 Feb 2006

March 27 update In Matt Cutts latest post: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/q-a-thread-march-27-2006/: Q: Is the RK parameter turned off, or should we expect to see it again? A: I wouldn't expect to see the RK parameter have a non-zero value again. Q: What's an RK parameter? A: It's a parameter that you could see in a Google toolbar [...]

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem

15 Jan 2006

This is a white hat V7ndotcom Elursrebmem SEO Contest page, managed by Jim Westergren. ##READ-MORE-LINK## Latest news in the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Contest This contest has now ended on the May 15. I came to the second place - unbelievable, but ok. Here are the results. The winner gives 50% of the prize money to charity [...]

SEO Contest

28 Dec 2005

There will be a new SEO Contest starting on the 15 January. Remember nigritude ultramarine? Here is the forum thread announcing it. I will be playing and it would be fun to get as many as possible participating. Will you participate? :)

Google backlinks just updated

19 Dec 2005

Just noticed it, it must have happened in the last few hours. Google is not updating the backlinks regularly like MSN and for some strange reason only shows part of them and in a random manner. My advice is to always use MSN when checking links. It also seem like MSN is listing the backlinks with the ones with most backlinks on the top. MSN is updating the backlinks the same time they update the index which I believe is once or every second day.

Yahoo algo update

18 Dec 2005

A few days ago Yahoo updated it's algo. My Swedish company web site went from #3 to #1 on the keyword webbdesign (swedish for web design), so I am pleased. But it is interesting that I have not done any changes at all on the site since months, I have just been adding backlinks. By looking over forums and other blog posts we can see that it was not such a major thing - nothing like Google's Jagger update. How did it go for you?