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New PageRank Export

Ok a new export on the April 28th 2007 with data taken from April 2nd 2007.

New count:

PR6 sites: 2 PR5 sites: 13 PR4 sites: 29 PR3 or less: 66

Conclusion: On average I lost a lot and think that generally most web sites on the internet went down in PR.

There has been a new PageRank export recently and I just counted for the records:

PR6 sites: 2 PR5 sites: 20 PR4 sites: 46 PR3 or less (not updated): 17

Conclusion: I lost a few PR6 but got many more PR4's. jimwestergren.com has several internal pages being PR6 so I feel the PR7 is close. I want it PR7 in the next update.

Another good news is that most of the mini-articles in my Smart Link Building service got PR4 and the rest PR3.

Tools to check PageRank on different DCs: Dig PageRank and Raketforskning

Below post is from: September 29, 2006:

Today (September 29, 2006) there is a new PR export being done by Google.

As posted on DP:

This update seem to be good and not bogus like we have seen earlier ...

The PR export data seem to be a month old or something, it is not totally recent. I will check this tomorrow for exact date.

I got 5 new PR6 which is nice but I lost one PR6 but that I knew already.

3 new PR5 and about 15 new PR4 from PR0.

Total count and bragging:

PR6 sites: 5 PR5 sites: 15 PR4 sites: 24 PR3 or less (not updated): 10

Quote from the forum:

Guys, I dont understand one thing, most people say PR is of no use and yet we get so excited about PR updates
The ones saying that "PR is of no use" doesn't know SEO.

Real beginners only thinks about PR and is obsessed about it. The ones that learn more learn that "it is of no importance". The real masters knows what it is, how it works and uses it together with many other measurements and tools.

PR is one of many tools we have in SEO, it is important to understand it. It is important to understand that for example this update is coming from July 21-24, 2006 which is very long back. This means that any links after this date is not measured in this update. What you see now is the PR that was registered on the July 21-24, 2006. It is also important to understand that this is the first update since bigdaddy in which pre-bigdaddy sites got their home page PR updated (almost fully sure on this).

The previous update was exported on July 15, 2006 and the data was taken from 9-11 juni 2006 but did not affect pre-bigdaddy home pages (almost fully sure).

PR is vital if you work with any of the following: Link-vault, selling sites, selling links, exchanging links.

But I can tell you that I look more on backlinks then PR. The toolbar PR is always very old and if you are skilled you can estimate the live PR with 90% correctness by checking and looking at backlinks for 1 minute, I have done it thousands of times.

PR is just a tool and not a thing in itself, you have to learn how to use it. There are many other areas in SEO which is probably much more important: trust and relevancy are two such things. One very useful way to use this tool is to see the PR of your internal pages. You learn about PR flow and can see why certain pages ger higher PR than others, which ones got more external links than others, which link baits worked better than others etc. etc.

And yes, I know what I talk about.


Congrats to Chris for his new PR7s, he deserves it!

Dates for the ones interested:

September 29, 2006

PR export with data coming from July 21-24, 2006

July 15, 2006

PR export with data coming from June 9-11, 2006

I have much more notes and details but it is a mess and I have not time to write it now.

Below is from: March 15th, 2006:

The green bar was updated a while ago and I now have 2 PR6, 12 PR5, 9 PR4 & 5 PR3 of the 27 web sites.

The reason for the home page of this site being 4 and not 6 when the interal pages are PR 4-5 and one even 6 is becuase of a confusion with Google as I changed the site and Google thought it moved ... well, well. Doesn't matter so much as it doesn't reflect on the SERPs.

For those interested in PageRank, you have to read my article about the Internal PR and the RK values.

Let's see what I get on the next update.

2 Feb 2007

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