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Never leave AdWords unattended

17 May 2006

If you ever are too busy ... make sure you still keep an eye on AdWords. I have been very busy lately, especially the last 2 weeeks. I checked AdWords and wow - burned $300 in 7 days, usually it is running on $20 per week or something for all my campaigns. (I use AdWords [...]

Effective Google Ads for AdBlindness

25 Apr 2006

Check this! It was shown in DigitalPoint Forums for SEOs and Webmasters - those that are most blind to ads and that includes me. But this one I definitely saw :D In actual fact it is done by a DP member himself with his referral URL of the link program to get credits and more [...]

Where do I buy and sell web sites?

24 Apr 2006

Aaron Pratt asked in a comment where do I buy and sell so here comes the answer. SitePoint: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=56 Serious place. DigitalPoint: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=52 Second best place. Sorting by thread start time here NamePros: http://www.namepros.com/developed-sites-for-sale/ Good place to buy cheap web sites. Whenever I have "too much" money I will go to those three places and [...]

Keyword Research Tool from AdWords now open

23 Mar 2006

Just some days ago the incredible Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool became available for those that somehow does not have an AdWords account. Also interesting seasonal data was added. If you are not already using this in your keyword research, then it's about time. More info covered here: Inside AdWords I am also happy that [...]

ShoeMoney introduces IPU

3 Feb 2006

Affiliate and adsense marketer Jeremy Schoemaker (known as ShoeMoney) introduced in a blog post today about IPU - Income per unique. His own acronym. We know about CPM, CPC and CPA but by reading his post you get more insight in how to measure your revenue in a new way. Interesting.

Did a test with digg.com

25 Dec 2005

A week ago I submitted my blogg post "How to write DOS text on your site" to test out digg.com and kind of explore it. It was my first submitted item and I wanted to try out how it worked. Well, somehow I got enough diggs in a short time and so got listed on [...]

Someone put my post in digg.com

12 Dec 2005

My post Frames with CSS got submitted by someone to the design section of to digg.com and I got about 70 visitors by it. 10 people digged it so far (2 days later). Not enough to reach the home page but still ok. As soon I have a moment more I will try to explore the site a bit more and try become a member and submit some more of my stuff :) If it goes good I will blogg about it.