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Finished my novel one way through, next steps

It was long since I wrote my last essay about fiction writing. I have been busy on my duties in the organization I work but I never lost my purpose on the writing.

Some weeks ago I was put on a watch cycle for a few days. In that time I was writing full time for about 2 days and in this period I finished my novel - The New Era of Operation.

There was specifically one time while I was writing in those 2 days in which I felt very good. I was finding new things while writing and it was in the end of the novel. I had no interruptions in my work and I had a lot of time. What happened was that I was imagining the scenery while I was writing and new materials came to me very easily. It was almost as if I was there being the main character. This lasted for an hour or so and afterwards I felt like after being in the cinema watching a movie, but this was special because it was me who made the movie.

So I had finished the novel but I knew that now what is remaining is all the corrections, reviews which I knew was a big work.

This made me think about what exactly is left to do and this is the reason for this essay. One thing I found for sure is that other people have to read it. The writer understands it of course but how does he know if the reader understands it, that's why he had to get people to read it and note down for the writer all the points to be handled - it is written for the reader in the first place.

As I am self-taught and has learned everything about writing myself (the very few literature I found in regards to writing was of no use for me and would only prevent my success in the field) I am continuing this way and established myself what I need to do.

I found that I have to do it in the following sequence:

  1. Establish exactly what needs to be checked and looked after for correction.
  2. Go through the novel as a writer the times necessary together with the checklist and plot summary and do all the corrections myself until I am certain I don't find anymore to correct.
  3. Give copies of my novel together with a checklist of points to be looked at to friends who are willing and also willing to take the time to read the novel and write down which points they found to be corrected.
  4. Review all the corrections that came up in the above.
  5. Give the novel to a professional for checking and corrections.
  6. Give to editor to be accepted.
  7. Publication.

Target: 2008

What is the points to be checked?

I found the following points:

26 Jun 2004

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