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Updating PR values of 1066 URLs in 30 minutes

This article is written more for myself so I remember how I do it the next time but probably a few people will also benefit from this for different uses and purposes.

Today I updated all the PR values for the directories listed on my directory list. I had to update each listing in the MySQL database but I found a fast way to do it. The previous time was a pain in the ***.

1. Log into PHPMyAdmin and get the URLs:

2. Export the query into a text file.

3. Clean the text file so that you only have the URLs. (I use EditPlus 2 for this to replace all. It costs $30)


4. Use the PageRank Lookup Tool from SEO Chat and look up 100 URLs at a time and paste the findings in Excel (or OpenOffice Calc which is free).

5. Edit the excel sheet and place the columns of the PR values before the URLs.

6. Paste everything in a new EditPlus document and do specific replace all queries so that you get valid SQL code. (correct the first and last line).



7. Go back to PHPMyAdmin, paste and run the SQL code.


8. Export the whole database to keep as a new backup.

11 Feb 2007

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