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The Vision

Ken McLeod was rocking with the chair daydreaming. Algebra was boring for him, too easy.

"Ken! Don't rock with the chair!" Said Miss Lansteiner.

Ken made himself to sit properly and looked at the black board. Too simple for him.

Miss Lansteiner was a hard teacher and he didn't like her.

Ken glanced over the other students who were following the algebra problems on the black board. He wanted something real to think about.

Even though Ken only was 17 he was one of the most extraordinary bright people in the village of Brine.

After some boring lessons was the school was heading for the end of the day and at 15 PM Miss Lansteiner was speaking about the homework to do for the next day.

"Today we have something special. You are all going to speculate about the future until tomorrow. Tomorrow we will all write down the ideas and turn it in to me." said Miss Lansteiner.

Ken's interest level jumped up. This was something extraordinary, something in his taste. This he will do with joy.

Ken was already starting the speculations on the way home with his bike. Despite the fast speed in which he was biking his thoughts was way gone.

When arriving home he took all the relevant books and put them on his table in his room. He locked the door, he has to work in peace and no little sister will disturb him this time.

How do you predict the future?

The only logical way for Ken was to look at history, determining the trends and thus predicting the future. But this was not enough specified.

After some hard work tearing the books for some hours he was not satisfied. But he wanted to find out.

The day was heading for night and the exhausted Ken went to his bed. That night Ken McLeod saw the wildest things he could ever imagine. He wouldn't possible know how it would change his and so many others life.

The next day Ken could only think on one thing. He has to write and this fast. After a fast breakfast and a fast biking Ken was in the school as he usually was.

He was sitting at his desk in the corner which he so many other times had been reading and speculating from and was looking on Miss Lansteiner who made the roll call.

"Did everybody think about the future?" Asked Miss Lansteiner.

The students replied with a boring tone: "Yes..."

"Now we are going to write the ideas, do everybody has a paper and a pen?" asked Miss Lansteiner.

"Excuse me miss, could I borrow the computer in the library?" asked Ken.

Miss Lansteiner looked at him as a question mark but gave the ok and was happy that Ken was interested in something that she could give him.

Whilst arriving in the library Ken started to write. He was writing fast and explained the best he could the vision he had the night before. He was writing and writing.

2 hours later a boy with the name Bill came up to the library asking what was happening and Ken told him to tell Miss Lansteiner that he would soon be finished who then went to do so.

At around 14 PM Ken had finished his writing. He saved and printed a copy. He found to his astonishing that it was over 50 pages. He had never before been writing a so long piece of work.

While back in the classroom with the others Ken had a very hard time to suffer through the Algebra and his thoughts was stuck on his vision.

Then at 15 PM Miss Lansteiner was asking if everybody had written something about the future. Everybody had except Jill who couldn't think of something.

"Who want to say something?" asked Miss Lansteiner.

3 people raised their hands and Bill started to speak. He spoke about man being able to go the Mars, living on the Moon and other usual boring stuff.

Ken let the other speak before him, as his speech will take longer.

The last was from Julia about that there are many dogs in the future and Ken could not stop himself from laughing.

Then Ken finally raised his hands and said that he also wants to say something. Miss Lansteiner gave him the ok and he stood up and went in the front beside the teachers' desk.

In his hands he held his writing and he said:

"Last night I had a vision. I could see clearly how it was. The planet is destroyed. The ozone layer is broken and most of the surface of Earth is covered with radioactivity and biochemical gases.

The planet is whole city and there is no animals, trees or plants left. At this time there are Robots in different colors with different functions who are building up the city. There are these robots everywhere."

"And where is the humans?" asked Miss Lansteiner.

"The humans are inside the skyscrapers which are built up by the robots and are under the Earths surface. As the planet is in a condition, which does not allow them to live on it, they are in a pretended world. Each human is in a capsule with a special helmet on. With this special helmet they get the artificial world projected to them and they live inside this. The humans are getting artificial food, which are going into their bodies from tubes. This is all arranged with the help of the robots and it is set up in such a way so that the humans are not even aware that they are in these other artificial world."

"What is this world?" asked Miss Lansteiner interestingly.

"This world is how Earth was thousands years earlier when it was still in a good condition for humans to live on. When there was still trees, animals and no radioactivity or gases."

"When in the future is this, which millennia?" asked Miss Lansteiner.

Ken was silent for a moment and said: "It is not the future. It is in present time."

Ken had never seen Miss Lansteiner so shocked. The other school kids were also in a kind of mystery.

Ken realized now the power of his knowledge. It is best he does not tell it further.

"Let me see this writing" said Miss Lansteiner.

The normally obedient Ken said calmly "No Miss, I cannot let you."

"Give it to me!" said Miss Lansteiner demandingly.

At that moment Ken knew what he had to do and went out of the door. He was running with his writing in his backpack and heard running footsteps behind him.

Ken jumped on his bike and with a speed only he could perform he went ahead on the small streets of Brine.

Then he saw something weird. A black car was following him and he had no chance to escape it. It went behind him and then went in front of him blocking the way for him.

Ken put the bike aside and awaited the man go out of the car.

The man that stepped out was tall and had was wearing dark clothes.

"Is it you who are Ken McLeod?" he said.

"Yes.." replied Ken a bit careful.

"Who are you?" asked Ken the man.

"My name is Trixon Fryswet and I am from the future, 1268 years to be exact. I am here to prevent the big catastrophe. I am one of the last humans still alive in my time and I am sent back in time on a mission to prevent the catastrophe."

"And I am the catastrophe?" asked Ken.

"Per the history book yes. You were declared guilty of the succumb of mankind. But you don't look like how you are described in the book." said Trixon.

"I guess it is about the knowledge that I possess. But I don't understand, it is the truth." said Ken.

"Yes but it is not supposed to be known by anybody." said Trixon.

"What is it more written in the history book?" asked Ken.

"It is written that your vision comes known and then the whole system breaks. It is also actually written that there was a strange man trying to stop him but failed" said Trixon.

"Then that must be you" said Ken.

"But how can it possible be? I just met you. And now when you know that spreading of this data will cause a disaster you will not do it, right?" said Trixon.

"No, I will not let anyone know now when I know this" said Ken.

"Did you write something down?" asked Trixon.

"Yes, it is in my bag" said Ken.

"Ok. It has to be destroyed immediately. Any other copy of it?" asked Trixon.

"No. Actually yes. In the computer in the school and actually the teacher knows about it. By know she probably already called media. I am sorry Trixon but you already failed and I guess that you cannot stop it. But anyway Earth is destroyed since long, why pretending?" said Ken.

"Yes but nobody knows it. If nobody knows it does not matter" said Trixon.

"I don't agree. How is the future in your time?" asked Ken.

"You don't want to know. It is really bad. If somebody knows the truth he cannot be reborn in the system but will wake up in the real world the moment he dies in the artificial world and has then only suffering in front of him. I hacked into the system and changed a system configuration so that my memory did not cancel the moment I came in the artificial world. Otherwise the memory will cancel each time the person is reborn or coming into the artificial world" said Trixon.

"Ok I understand. But you are making a mistake; it is not I who is creating the catastrophe. The planet is already destroyed you have to go further back in the time to the point when the planet was not destroyed." said Ken.

"Yes and actually that makes sense but how far back is that? It must be more than 10 000 years at least and what do I need to do on what exact time and on what place?" asked Trixon.

"Interesting question. Opens the door to many speculations. I don't think it was something sudden. It must have been something regular for a long time which in the end caused the planet to be totally useless to serve human existence." said Ken.

"But what could it be?" asked Trixon.

"I cannot think of any other factor then the humans so it much have been the humans themselves that destroyed planet earth. And I think I now found the target to be handled: The human irrationality." said Ken.

"Ok, I have my mission. I will go back to beginning of time to the point when man started to ignore her true spiritual values and the planet in which she lives on and I will rationalize man and may my mission succeed and the future never be the same again." said Trixon.

- The End -

9 May 2003

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