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The site turned into a blog

This is my first post.

Well, I have for a long time not understood the reasons for these blogs if you are able to make sites yourself. But now I decided that ok, I should try and this site actually fits very well being a blog.

The old version of the site is still available here, probably the SE robots will be all confused now and maybe put it in the sandbox again. Well it is not so serious, this site is a personal one and I can what I want with it.

So who the hell am I?

Web Developer, SEO, Author, Student (anymore titles ? :) ) .

I have some very interesting background, I hope I find time to blog about it.

I am running my own company, JW Webbdesign, and I have about 23 sites. These times it is going a bit crazy, I have so much to do you won't believe it. So I thought it would be fun if I wrote here daily, talking about my life. Ok, it will probably not be daily :)

Well, talk more later.

And I just want to add that my English may not be perfect as it is not my native language, but I think you can still manage to read it.

24 Nov 2005

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