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SEO Features of N.nu

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I learned PHP and built the free online website creator N.nu from scratch myself (examples). From the start up one of the principal focuses has been to make sure that the system has optimal SEO and it is my intention that N.nu is the free online website creator with the best SEO.

Considering my professional experience with SEO in the last 5 years this is one area I can use to gain a competetive advantage.

Here is what Magnus BrĂ¥th, SEO Specialist at Pineberry, has to say about it:

N.nu is an amazing service and especially for you who are starting your work in SEO. It will take you les than half an hour to get an on topic site up and running, either with your own domain or on a free n.nu domain.

When I first found n.nu (during the beta period) I instantly realized that this is a great resource for optimizers and made sure I quickly got myself 5 different presentations on various topics. It took me less than a couple of hours the get them all produced and actually grabbing positions in the search results.

List of SEO Features:

11 Aug 2010

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