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Latest news of 2008 so far

I have not been posting any updates or reports on this site since the end of last year so here comes all major things since the last 3 and a half months. There has been quite a lot of positive things that has happened. :grin:

Major consultant work for Svensk Internetrekrytering AB


In the beginning of January I went up to Stockholm to work some weeks with internet marketing and the results has been staggering. It made the news and since I made a blog for them the traffic has increased with over 100% and this is just the beginning on my one year contract with them. :cool:

I met the love of my life

Neyda and me

While working in Stockholm during January I met the best girl I have seen in my entire life. Neyda is her name and she comes from Bolivia in South America. She is intelligent, not materialistic, not superficial, honest, beautiful, responsible, highly educated, cute, very interesting to talk metaphysics and world problems with and she is simply the best. And she believes I am a gift from God ... :shock:

We engaged on the 10th of March and we will marry in Sweden on the 10th of May. Then we will move to Bolivia in July and have our huge church wedding on the 20th of September. Then we plan to get a house and children and live happily forever thereafter. :)

I know it is probably statistically impossible that a "computer nerd" that never had a girlfriend marries a popular girl that has rejected over 50 guys ... but there is hope guys! And before some of you get any strange ideas we have a contract just in case the sky falls down.

Major consultant work for an international company in Södertälje

Team in Södertälje

This is an ongoing big public relation project which is very interesting and it is going very well. Very fun and I met some really interesting people there. :razz:

Stock increase

My assets in the stock market have increased it's value with 37% the last month ($13K increase) which is fantastic. :eek: I don't have any earlier experience in this but it doesn't seem to be that hard ...

I am published!

In the offline world that is. The owner and editor of the Swedish writing community Argus.nu suddenly sent me an e-mail and told me that he liked one of my short story so much that he wanted to include it in the printed anthology - talk about a nice surprice. It was a very special feeling to get the book and see your own work included.

Big step for me, small step for mankind. :wink:

Sällskapet vi lyckas

Logo for Vilyckas

This project is not launched yet but is already the most exciting project I have been involved with. It will be a closed community in Sweden of successful entrepreneurs and other people reaching for higher success by the means of mutual contributions. I have been running my SEO forum for a bit over 2 years now and which now has regular conferences. I will try to bring what worked best into this new project.

New company starting up

I am a board member, investor and joint owner of a new company that is on the way to start up. Even though I don't have any operative role it is exciting to see how it will go. I am not sure what I can and cannot say at this stage so I will simply link to this Swedish article by Simon for more information.

Future plans

As I said earlier I am moving to Bolivia in July and this is really exciting. In Bolivia it is a warmer and nicer climate, more cheap to live and I have always thought that Swedish people are in general materialistic and superficial. The city we will live in, Cochabamba, is known as the "City of Eternal Spring" and they have good internet so I can continue work with my Swedish clients and projects from there. With an average monthly salary of $200 it won't be any problem to survive for us :cool:.

Yes, I know it is quite ironic to write Sci-Fi novels and writings about the future from a third world country but what the hell ;)

How is it going with you? Excellent I hope, life is a game of chess ... :cool:

20 Apr 2008

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