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Funny and interesting with SE query

I made a free directory to my 16 year old little brother that he is managing and promoting.

I told him to get a lot of backlinks and showed him how to see his backlinks in MSN using: link:directorydelta.com and: link:directorydelta.com -site:directorydelta.com

I just got an e-mail from him now in total enthusiasm:

Jim! Look at this!

Page 1 of 5,348,089,052 results containing -link:directorydelta.com (0.12 seconds)

The guy wrote the query wrong and so got the results of all sites NOT linking to him :D

But, there is something interesting here. These link queries at MSN are sorted by number of backlinks first and guess which site is #1???


And number 2 some total strange site with 14 Million backlinks! Maybe a chineese ISP or something.

It is quite interesting to look at the results of such a query. It is not a stop word and so you get the whole index shown at a single query.

The same query also works with Google and that shows 9,670,000,000 results - almost double than MSN. And the results there - random or?

14 Jan 2006

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