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Checklist when won a web site auction

This article is written for my friend "honey" (site). I have been bidding against honey on web site auctions for almost 2 years now. I have won maybe 60 auctions and I have now over 100 web sites. Honey owns over 300 ...

So here comes my checklist that I want to show honey as I think she will need one. I guess others perhaps also could find some use for this so I decided to post it here as well.

  1. Send the money
  2. Get the files (and database)
  3. Get the domain
  4. Create a hosting account
  5. Update your excel file and input all data
  6. Change the DNS
  7. Create and place a new Statcounter project
  8. Input adsense pub id and new channel id
  9. Correct adsense position for better CTR if needed
  10. Place links on it to other relevant sites you own
  11. Verify basic on-page SEO: H1, titles, file names etc.
  12. Place the non-www 301 redirect in the .htaccess
  13. Upload files to account (and create and upload db)
  14. Place links to it from lists and other places

You can use this on a text file and keep track of the actions of each. I have for example now 12 auctions that I have won and there is no need to get overwhelmed as I know what need to be done on each. Then 2 days a week (currently Sundays and Wednesdays) I am not working with clients but maintaince and creation of web sites. I can do about 10 checklists per work day.

Each morning I see the list of new threads and place my bids.

Some notes:

Yes, you can have over 100 projects in statcounter. Yes, you should host your sites on different c-class IPs. If you own reseller accounts it makes it easy for you to create new accounts instantly. (I recommend gotwebhost.com, they can give you 15 c-class IPs).

EDIT March 16th, 2007:

Here is a checklist Checklist for Buying a web site that I found.

20 Feb 2007

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