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Link Building


Text Surrounding Link: Final Proof

22 May 2007

Already more than 2 years ago I asked for feedback about text surrounding links on WMW but I have never gotten hold of solid examples so that I could see it myself. I am happy that today I have seen the final undoubted 100% proof. Let me explain. Another SEO company ordered a directory submission [...]

Link to Me Textbox WordPress Plugin

6 Nov 2006

This is a WordPress plugin that will give you more links and higher rankings in the search engines. Most bloggers knows the importance of getting links in order to get high rankings in search engines. But did you know that the best links are those that are natural recommendations? Additionally I experienced better rankings across [...]

Backlink Generator

1 Oct 2006

I was drafting on a new article but I missed a word to describe something specific. Let me coin the term "Backlink Generator". EDIT: Article now written here. With "Backlink Generator" I mean a "machine" that generates backlinks passively. It is a tool, script or something else which makes people link to it without any [...]

Release of my new Link Building Service!

20 Sep 2006

Finally after a lot of work my new link building service is ready and is here released. This new service is totally unique for the SEO industry (challenge me if I am wrong) and is developed based on my recent article: Link Building Guide. This new service provides links that: Are one-way to your site. [...]

Andy Hagans now offers a Link Baiting Service

18 Sep 2006

Andy Hagans is one of the top 10 link builders on the planet, IMHO. I have been reading his articles, his blog and studied his service descriptions to fine tune my own services. He has now a new article up, When Are SEO Firms Going to Offer Link Baiting Services?. Well worth a read. He [...]

Link Building Guide

4 Jun 2006

Important: This article was written by me in june 2006. It needs to be updated to correctly reflect the current search engines guide lines and new methods for link building. / Jim Westergren Introduction I have been providing many thousands of links to my SEO clients and I have myself established a number of PR6 [...]

Link Value Calculator

23 May 2006

Text Link Ads just released their Text Link Ads Calculator. It uses Alexa, backlinks, theme, number of links to be sold, sitewide or single page and location of the link in the calculation. Announcement and discussion at their Link Building Blog. I certainly like it, do you? Will you use it?

Link Building Wiki

19 May 2006

Wow, found another very great SEO resource. It is just released. Let me present the Link Building Wiki. There you have most of the things you need in the area of link building, collected by one of the most prominent in the link building business, TextLinkBrokers.com

Evidence of related text with links giving rank boost

28 Apr 2006

EDIT: April 30, 2006: What I was seeing below was Co Citation in full action, it was not "related text with links" as I thought. Thanks to Gustaf for the heads up (below) and thanks to Jim Boykin for explaining Co Citation. -- One of the keyword terms that I track is "Jim Westergren". I [...]

Buying and Selling Links - Session at SES NYC

2 Mar 2006

Want to know what the pros are thinking about buying and selling links? What people like Eric Ward has to say? Here is the write-up from SE Roundtable. Nothing really new but it is interesting to read what they have to say.

Link Bait

13 Feb 2006

Link baiting (or linkbaiting) is the latest buzz word in the SEO world and has come to be the preferred way to natural link building. It means to create something that naturally attract backlinks for your web page by getting people to talk about it, discussing it on forums, blogging about i, posting it on [...]

Checking backlinks the right way

31 Dec 2005

How is the correct way to check backlinks? This is what I have learned from own observations and I feel like it would be good to share. First I can tell you that Google only shows a random fraction on the backlinks they know of - so it is totally useless using Google for this [...]

New site: Link Juice - buy text links

30 Dec 2005

Right now you can buy very cheap text links at LinkJuice.net and get some good discount. Boost your PR with some real Link Juice! Yesterday evening I made a new simple site to serve as a place to sell my text links. I will start to promote it in the beginning of January.

Tutorial: Feed your sites by blogging!

30 Nov 2005

Notice: This article is from 2005. I have written a new one in 2009 about this same thing but much more good that can be read here. Are you also the kind of webmaster with 5, 10 or even 20 web sites with the plan of making a living only through your own sites? How [...]