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Blog or Articles?

I need your feedback.

Should I skip the blogging and instead write valuable articles on this site, like a new each week or so? And then remake to have a more static home page?

Or rather blog several times a day and provide new daily content for daily visitors like a real blog?

Should I start a Swedish SEO blog on another domain?

I think articles is better. Rather 1 very good article on SEO then 20 pages of blogging in my opinion. 90% of my visitors are coming to internal "article like" pages. Hmm ...

At least one thing I have found out:

Usually people discuss on forums, they observe something interesting and perhaps come to some interesting conclusions. Then people blogs about it and the next step is a good article written on the subject.

But then you have cases like Ammon Johns writing articles in forum threads, lol. Or people writing articles that look like forum chatting ...

Well, I will soon have decided.

Meanwhile check out the new WP template design I made for the short stories.

10 May 2006

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