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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

Best month so far: March 2007

In the previous month I surpassed all expectations in terms of income, establishment and investments I could possible imagine.


Here is my graph of the monthly gross income since my company started June 2005:

Gross income

And so far this month (5 days) we have gotten in 40% of the amount of the previous months income!

Most of our clients are very happy with our services and decides to order more and continue with more services which is a very good thing.


Last month our writers and my employee got up no less than 20 new web sites! These are well written sites with images and one site was even recently linked from a major newsletter which was very nice and a total surprise. These are quality sites with about 5 pages each in a specific niche.


At the end of March I invested about 60% of the income in link building for my sites and I also bought a very nice and old PR7 site.

Other stuff worth mentioning

I made a bank loan and bought an apartment.

I also revised and re-published my article SEO for WordPress - The Complete Guide which so far more than 50 bloggers has been writing about and linking to.

When March finished I got sick and had fever. I was some days in bed and while I thought up 19 articles (!) I want to write on this blog but I also realized I need to cool things down ...

I am still a bit sick so if you wait for me to answer some email, blog comment, PM or forum thread then please bear with me. I take the most important emails first and then the other stuff. As for this article I thought the sooner the better.

5 Apr 2007

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